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Life started out. Pretty normal for charles sherwood stratton when he was born to a housekeeper and a carpenter in eighteen thirty eight in connecticut pretty normal ended when he was six months old as did his growth he basically just stopped growing. He was otherwise healthy. In doctors were stumped normal ended completely in the winter of eighteen. Forty two when one finneas taylor. Barnum showed up at his family's home chasing rumors of an extraordinarily small child. Four year old. Charlie list now in show business earning his family three dollars a week. Barnum immediately began promoting his tiny talent. When charlie and his mother arrived the following week to new york. They were surprised to see banners on the american museum bragging about the arrival of general tom thumb in typical barnum style. He had taken absolutely wild liberties with the truth. He took the name. Tom thumb from an english fairy tale character. Basically thumbed lena posters and handbills claiming that general tom thumb had been brought to america from europe at great expense and that he was eleven years old not sure how that jibes military service and eleven year old and it was nice that he aged him up to eleven. We wouldn't want people to think that he was exploiting a small child. I don't kid yourself. This is pre child. Labor laws are really any labor laws. There was no such thing as a cultural concept of exploitation. Charlie and his mother moved into an apartment in the museum building and barnum said about teaching charlie to sing dance and do impressions and act. Like a preteen. Instead of a preschooler i guess. Barnum recalled him as an apt student with a great deal of native talent and a keen sense of ludicrous. By all accounts young charlie stratton loved performing and he and barnum were genuinely fond of one. Another

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