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Up to a good looking area would clean move and water you see bait fishing area push fifteen minutes both top and bottom no catch nothing moved glenn said find current launch card is certainly a key you wanna find some moving water and that will help flush date and then you finish it both top and bottom middle if it's twenty feet deep you wanna finish all different areas of water and see what you find you know make it to say it's new catch twenty you say that's plenty stick it out look for another area that has similar terrain same same type of water movement and go from there great advice the mic i don't know what you've got a chance to get in on that the trout run has been going on there by the trestle bridge i went with dudley on thursday uh i think we had in a high 40s on the speckled trout everybody out there was doing well some of these fisher going up to four pounds and it was on for quite a while fission with a aslan cork nine feet down live shrimp throw it out there let it drift in the tide if you don't get a strike bringing in and keep working at let it float back to that we found that a lot of the trout wa well off the bridges is they do sometimes i woke up straight up current of the bridge and not say may be a good twenty yards away from instead of uptight to the parlane's like you follow him a lot of times have you fish those bridges at all in bliss last week appeared crash the bridges or i had a trip as a matter of fact yesterday part of a different trip i guess would be the way to say it mukwaya needed to be back on way and for noon to participate in a conference call but he also wanted to fish stocks you marsh so that's a small window of opportunity for me we ran over to the biloxi marsh we caught some trout uh pop in plastics under a pop in cork in current just like glynn said uh and that 1040 we pulled up and headed back so that he could make his confidence call it makes this conference call it takes thirty minutes us they don't wanna go thumped some plastics at.

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