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President trump's expressing frustration with china for increasing its trade with north korea even disease appealing to beijing to help curb pyongyang's nuclear and ballistic missile programmes cbs's cami mccormick says the review of the launch of a missile that experts say is capable of reaching alaska continue set again called the test provocative and a spokesman said it has our attention he said commercial air and sea traffic was put at risk by the test as well as space assets like satellites the north koreans used in aircraft plant to launch the missile the pentagon says bad has also been a new tactic by pyonyang over the the last year and a half the un security council will meet in an hour to discuss what to do in the wake of the missile test cbs's pam falk is at the un what the un security council can do is limited and diplomats expressed collective frustration that the sanctions imposed by the un for eleven years have read little begnaud fit president trump is on his way to europe stopping in poland ahead of the g twenty summit cbs' major garrett as their trump white house who then tissa paving enormous crowds causing the central square here in warsaw for the president's speech reaffirming the close strategic relationship between the united states and poland and talking about us efforts to bolster security throughout eastern europe louisiana gop congressman clay higgins as being criticized for recording the video inside the gas chamber at the auschwitz concentration camp in poland and then posting an online version wellness security must be squared away were military must be invincible ephraim zuroff with the simon wiesenthal center in israel it's not really appropriate in a gift chamber in birkenau and that's unfortunate but i certainly daughter treatment him any veered intentions the us has lifted electromechanics restrictions on two more airline cbs's steve dorsey laptops are no longer ban from carryon luggage join emirates and turkish airlines flights from dubai and istanbul it comes three days after the us lifted the laptop ban on flights from abu dhabi on eddie are ways.

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