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And okay. I should do it too. I didn't know Chino for me. would be maybe. It's like a lot but instead of steam milk it's frigging steamed pair of pants. Okay Okay so rob we wanted to talk to you about Little whispers we've heard in the hallways lately that there's going to be a medic. Police the new class. What is some people will say finger lakes? Sometimes you hear sometimes you hear about this coming voiced new class B. Give you an audition Warren. Oh there was a case you you know throws a case and we'll see. Hey maybe these guys would be right for it. Well I mean to be the dog or something. He just looked at the dog. No not at all just I WANNA make sure. I'm not stepping on him. I WANNA be. I WANNA manage everybody's expectations on in this room absolutely in B. Because I don't I don't Tom. I don't like disappointment. I don't I have no expectation that you will exceed my quiet. I haven't heard these rumors that you're talking about but if you if you want to lay it down we can we can we can. We can try it out honestly if once you see what we do with it I think even if there wasn't a rumer prior probably the executives and I wrote down that email you gave me of human resources that dot com and that I think is going to you be something we could send them as just an audio file of this great okay. Well Yeah we'll send him the audio files and But to be honest their algorithm will automatically quickly be scanned in They're always scanning for mentions and Hashtag US and So they're going to know about this once as we do it anyway. So okay show a fan. The fans did HASHTAG. Let me do medical police and the me in this case is haze. Well yes and myself as well. I guess it would depend on. WHO's saying it but like Italy? The algorithm their algorithms is constantly scanning and and highlighting. And so it'll it'll hear this in factored into their decision making process and so yeah so okay. Let's just say there. There's going to be a brand new class and they're looking for a couple of new medical police. Yes and Let's say it's like Don't make it hard okay. Let let a Something mysterious is killing Older our people get gross. Well I mean it's going to be some sort of medical situation but let's just don't have like bathroom term stuff or anything like that. I mean yeah we're not going to so it's let's just say as I told you about two okay. Fine old people in in a Nursing Home Marsin of natural causes and they send in the Nucleus House nursing home. Yep I made sure you know a nursing home facility ready for a major you know yes. Yeah and They send in the new class to figure out what's killing these old people Death Auld so that's the audition situation great presenting you good good hasty you talk about from it you just want go right into. Let's just go right into.

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