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Going to anybody else. You assume that's what's going on. In the 2016 gold medal game. Team USA literally beat Serbia by 30 points Fatality Barbie winds. That's what I was saying broadcasting from the Mercedes Man Cave. This is Dan Patrick. Final hour on this Wednesday. Dan in the den. It's Dan Patrick Show more phone calls. We'll check in with Russell Wilson. It's been a while February 9th Last time he joined us right after the Super Bowl. And then he started airing some some laundry there. I think that was the true rust because what you normally get with Russ's go hawks and everything's great and talking about positives and I think he was sitting there at the Super Bowl, watching Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. And even though I had been named the man of the year, he's probably saying Am I ever going to get back here? Because he went to to Won one and lost one. And he's probably going Brady's back again. Mahomes is back again. Hey, I got man of the year. I'd much rather be M v p of the Super Bowl. But we'll talk to us and see if things have changed in his life with the Seattle Seahawks. Your phone calls are welcome. 8773. DP SHOW email address. Dp Dan patrick dot com Fritzi says this boss baby, the Alec Baldwin Boss Baby show that's on Peacock is really entertaining. It's a blast, and Amy Sedaris is now joining the cast the new boss baby in town. Boss, Baby family Business out streaming only on peacock. You can also find our show on Peacock. All three hours. You can stream and you can do it for free. Yes, McClement. I watched bus Maybe two. I cried at the end. I'm just gonna tell you right now. You cried. It was about two brothers who I don't want to give it anyway. But the relationship they straight over the years they became distant. And then they become reunited and and much like your fishing trip, they came together. And it was super mercial and I was sitting on my couch with my family. My wife made fun of me mercilessly. Okay. Still funny movie. Did you cry at the movie up? Oh, I got a minute in the up and yes, Now it is a mess. I was absolute mess. You have to be a robot not to cry it up. Yeah, I mean, it's it's a cartoon. It's an animated movie, but it's it's about Russell, who's a little scout. And Ed Asner's The Grumpy Old Man, and they form this interesting bond there, and, uh, they go up. The house goes up with balloons attached to it and The first minute had the montage where you saw it at Asner's life with his wife passed, and they put it into a minute. I need a minute. What? What is the worst? What is the he's actually going to say? I know what is wrong? That's punishing. It. Really is that within two minutes of cardio, it is punishing. Yeah. Are you okay? I'm okay. Can we change the subject? Okay. Give poll results. Okay, Go back to onion Bagel Energy. Yes. Give me poll result. Second most popular sport in America. It's N B. A and it will be are basically tied at 35%. And nothing's even close. What is the most embarrassing thing you ever cried at watching? Because I got one that will shock you Now I cry all the time. Seaton Seaton is pretty good at crying too. I'm a crier for sure. I've told you one of my most embarrassing onto before. Was that in the movie Seabiscuit. I was in the movie theater and Seabiscuit is about this, like, sort of, like ugly duckling. Sort of, like horse. That's you know, racing? Yeah, uh And I was sitting there I was with two girls, one of whom I was dating at the time. And then there was on my right. And then a coworker of mine was on my left. And by the end of the movie, I was like, audibly sobbing, sobbing. Good just wants to be loved. Uh, Sobbing. Yeah, I went to Book of Mormon on Broadway. And and that's a comedy, right? Yes, it is. Yes, it is. The South Park guys, uh, put that up, which is also an emotional tear, jerking how far I'm watching Book of Mormon and we go to the first intermission. And I'm crying. And I'm with my kids and they go, Dad, You're crying and I go. Yep. They go. It's a comedy and I I know, I said, but watching a live performance. There's something about being in the building with the live performance that I get emotional about. Doesn't matter what it is. I've gone to Broadway. I, uh you know if it's a concert, there are times when you just see something and you go there doing that in the moment. It's so hard to do that. In the moment that you do it live in front of people. I have so much respect for that. You don't get another take. It's there and you're doing it. I don't know if that's like an embarrassing crying story. Todd, What about you? I took my son several years ago to a cartoon movie. I think it's a Disney movie called Hero. Six. It was like a big white robot that was taking care of a kid and once And once the kid admits that he's satisfied with his care or something like that. Then the robots basically dies or has to, like, leave never to be seen ever again. So and the kid kept prolonging because he knew that that was going to happen. So he kept saying that he wasn't satisfied with his care or whatever, so that the robot wouldn't leave. Once. The kid finally said that he admitted he was satisfied with how the robot took care of him. I was in tears. I look over to my son, who is like seven at the time was six and he's totally fine and wondering why I'm hysterical cry and based off that time you must have cried like a baby, A Terminator two. When he goes into the vat of molten lava the thumbs up? Yes, that was another one. I knew it. Mm. I don't think I saw Terminator two pretty good. Yes, my club. I got one more. Netflix has a hit movie called Mitchell's versus machines. It's animated. Oh, you've been talking about this thing and the dad drives his daughter across country and drops his daughter off at college. Uh, that one hit me hard..

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