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That's well the best story the best story on that is the one with the one with Joe Torry and Lula's narrow and Bobby Frankel. <hes> wanted just to make that's true. That's true that's true. He he had already he had already accomplished some things that's one of the funniest stories ever because often kept calling and bobby was just indecisive and they thought they thought that bobby was playing them and trying to get more money. He just didn't know if he wanted to sell it or not right yeah yeah. It got so high that he had to say yes. That's what he told me. He told me the same story said. I didn't really want to sell it but then the partners too much money to settle yeah at a certain the point I think is that I want to say back <hes> back my backyard <hes>. Oh Oh my God oh my God. I don't remember which one it was that it <hes> goodness sakes anyway the way that <hes> that was a lot of money. I think somewhere around fifteen wasn't it yeah it was it was something that was divisible by three. I'll tell you because that way because I want to say twelve million because because they kept it simple math didn't want to have to put a lot of funny numbers on the check. Well this so you know it's funny because our friend John in New York longtime listener and caller John sent me the reminder when the when the entry came in and he said you know that horse that Dale loves is back in on Saturday <hes> I mean you whenever a Horse wins like this Bellamy Road and Kirwin for for for Helen Pitts that day when a horse wins like this you just you don't expect that no I'm GonNa be honest but this when I walked down out of the winter circle I was still shake and I felt like that after a race in a long long time I mean Hearing v off the track record. How many two year olds would ever do that ninety seven number <hes> <hes>? which are you know how much I love numbers? Go my way <hes> and it was just an incredible feeling down. There goes those people that's up on backside. They were all happy excited about him around race and there was a that was a great day Saturday when we go Chicago winless thanked up there. I told everybody that you won the Springfield wingfield with Daboh who ran a huge race at temple city and our our friend our friend Joe Valenti the WHO you probably know and <hes> the equine and Joe reminds me vineyard haven vineyard haven hey that's vineyard haven event and people that love the game and they're they're all they're all tied on or they're getting getting tight on. What did you do. Where do you go from here with this source <hes>. I don't know there's so many options. We're going to sit down and talk about the socks. It would be helpful. Breath Security Breeders Cup or Iroquois Breeders Cup and a lot of it depends is on how many races you want this year going into next year and <hes> you know. Is it real important to get a great one on his on his resume right now <hes>. I don't know what goes down just talk about. We've got a measure. How many race is going to have. How do you want to race for the FA charity and come back for your stuff quick? You want to give him more time now. Also huge numbers Iroquois Breeders Cup with better spacing but then you don't have the hopeful on your resume <hes> stallion prospects. There's just a lot to talk about. You Know Dad's a grand three thousand ever inspect okay. I'm I'm leaning towards myself but it'd be up to help out in iroquois straight to Breeders Cup..

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