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Very much so. Yeah, sure, sure, sure. Steven Stafford, what's the last great face save pop you remember happening when heels are beating down a face and another face comes to save them. Stone cold. WrestleMania. When they are beating up pat McAfee. What was the last one? Yeah, there you go, yeah. Yeah. That was the last one. There are few and far between them. They are. Before that, I think it was stone cold at WrestleMania 32. Stone cold fully in Shawn Michaels. Ian, if you could switch your hair with anyone on the roster who would it be? I'm assuming this is an Eric question. Eric? Roman? Ready knowledge my bun. Sure, Roman. He's got good hair and make it funny. Look, Ciampa. Hella beard. Old Greg Balor club finally getting a new member. Guess you'll have to change rumors. I think we do need to update that song. It's been a while. Yeah, it's 2019. Shit. Yeah, it's been a while. We need to get to that at some point. Right. Maybe in the next 5 years or so, but it's usually what happens. Yeah. All right, that's all for fan questions. So make sure you subscribe. Bye. Oh fuck. Again. That's twice. You want to do it. Can we just skip this one? Maybe. We can. We can all retain. Who's the champ? Eric. Now we gotta do it. Yeah, 'cause Eric never retains the street. We gotta make sure that which pizarro brother's gonna win it. The streak must continue. And there's only 6 matches. So like if you ever had a chance to retain, here it is. It is. All right. Here we go. Make sure you subscribe to our podcast. Bobby Lashley versus omos. I've got omos with a pin. I have almost with a pin. Oh, sweep it, almost with a pin. How many people interfere? One. One. One. Over under 6 minutes and 35 seconds. That was the WrestleMania match time. Okay, I have over. I have under. I have over. Okay. There's only 6 matches though, yeah. Well, I had like 6 more. Happy Corbin versus madcap moss. I've got moss with a pin. I know moss is heavily favored here. I think I'm gonna go Corbin with a pin. I can see him doing over Vince always lets him go over on the first match. This is the best of 7, you know? 17. Right. So carbon won the first one. I have moss with a pen. All right, how many people interfere? I got zero. Zero. Settle. Cody Rhodes versus Seth Rollins. I have Cody with a pin. Cody with a pen, Cody with a pen, how many people interfere? Zero, zero, zero, does Cody kick out of the curb stomp. I'm gonna say yes. I'm gonna say no. I have no as well. Okay. All right. I don't think people really kick out of the curb stomp. A.J. Styles versus edge, I've got edge with a pin. Same. Edge with a pin. How many people interfere? One, one, one, and who helps edge? I have priest. Priest's band. He'll just run out and do it. So he'll just interfere anyway. Sure. He might, I thought that too, like, ah, fuck it. They're not gonna give us what we want. He'll just sneak out there. I put Balor. Okay. 'cause Balor helped AJ makes the most sense. To turn on him. Oh, so you changed yours. Before we started this, sorry. Judges. Get out of it. You get it. You get Hamilton. Don't get it. My parents helped you retain. You get. Did you, did you forget that he was banned? I did. Honestly. 100%. I put Rhea Ripley. I had Rhea, and then I changed the baller because I was like, he swerved like he's a good swerve, but probably we're not. SmackDown women's championship. I quit match, Charlotte Flair versus Ronda Rousey. I'm gonna tell you something. I wanna put flair here 'cause I don't think Ronnie gives a fuck. I kind of want to put no one like it just ends and it's like what the fuck was that? But it's hard to end and I quit match with nothing. Damien priest like a fuck you to the fans. But I still put Rhonda. I put Rhonda. She's so heavily favored. I put Rhonda with a quit. Yeah. Yeah, just someone actually say I quit. Yes. Yes. Yes. How many people interfere? 9 zero zero. Any weapons? Sure. One at a time boy, but yeah, okay, if you're saying the exact same word, I guess it doesn't matter but yes, yeah. So that's a wash. That's a wash. This whole card's a wash. I didn't look up. We felt like three things different, totally. I didn't look up the odds, but Rhonda's heavily faced. Negative 700. That's like a lock in wrestling. And who else moss was heavily favored? Like a little a little bit. Cody and Ed, I mean, edge and AJ was a coin toss. Edge was a slight fee was omos favorite. Heavily. Okay. And then finally, the bloodline versus Drew McIntyre and RK bro. I have the bloodline, I got the Bloods. I have the faces I've drew in our cabro. Wow. I think that if I think the reason why it's not winner take all is because I thought about that. Yeah, I thought about that. I have drew pinning J yeah, because it's RKO month. I think I win the belt here. Yeah. I have Roman pinning riddle. Me too. Okay. And zero interference. I see. I have one, because I mean, Paul's there. You never know what he's going to do. Okay. Surprise appearance? None. Eric went with his one point. Take your one point now. You're currently in the lead. Congrats. And that'll be the last time you will ever be in the lead. And that'll be, yeah. I have solo sakoa. I'm one of his taking him for 6 months. Yeah, one of these days he's going to show up. One day, maybe this will be a they keep painting it. I see clips on Twitter where he's like, you have my family, the bloodline, did he win the North American title? I don't know. I certainly don't. Yeah. Well, no, you have to have a you have to have a belt to be in the bloodline, right? No. Thank you. You can come. It's probably fighting for it right now, right? No, Cameron Grimes retains it. Interesting. I put Bailey, I just put a name. Yeah, Bailey's not bad. No reason for that. She's still gone. Right. Yeah. What's the opening match pre show doesn't count? Corbin moss. AJ edge I have Corbin moss. Main event, bloodline, bloodline. Yep. And predict a match that hasn't been announced yet. Ricochet versus gender. Oh, that's great. I have Seamus and Holland versus the new day. Oh, that's awesome, guys. This could be the worst event. It might be the worst event. I have Becky and Asuka, at least they'll have they could have a good movie. No way. They would have totally. Said that. Expecting a Twitter announcement pretty soon. Any moment. Any moment now. I've got notifications on. I have there the announcement. I have Caleb Braxton's notifications turned on. Damn you. Does he now say break? Nah. I'm going to say yes because what else are they going to fucking do on this show? I put yes, it's a 6 man tag. And then lock of the century. Ronda Rousey. Eric just fucking chokes every time he has the belt. I'm putting Roman Reigns. I put Ronda Rousey. I put Ronda Rosen. There you go. There's some differences in there. A little bit. Yeah. Enough to be Eric, possibly. Sure. Someone's going to be there. It's just who's going to be there. That's the question. Eric will beat Eric. I'm writing the bloodline, Andrew's writing the faces. And we'll see what happens. Right. Wait, you're Andrew's writing the faces? You damn radio. Wow. Get ready. Wow. All right, make sure you subscribe to the podcast, follow the show on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at wrong wrestling, get a T-shirt up pro wrestling tease dot com slash what's wrong with wrestling and become a supporter of the show at Patreon dot com slash what's wrong with wrestling and if you are a patron, then we'll see you after WrestleMania Backlash after you wish your mother happy Mother's Day. Yeah. Yep, see.

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