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That's more materials is the winner. Take all by state, right? Like, I believe I've ever done. This math. If electoral votes have been assigned proportionately instead of winner take all into thousand sixteen then I believe Clinton would have won under an electoral college system. So it'd be like, okay. Trump beat Clinton fifty five forty five in Texas. So Trump get fifty five percent of Texas is electoral vote. Yes. What effect would you say the existence of the electoral college has on our presidential campaigns. Well, because the winner take all thing, it means that resources are disproportionately targeted to a state where winning by one vote would get you all the state's electoral votes. Right. That's the effect. It has. So it gives us swing states, basically. Yeah. Getting because California's a matter New York doesn't matter Texas. I didn't used to matter maybe a manage. Now. Texas's swing state you heard it here. First people, South Dakota to North Dakota's matter, Mike in more ways than one the electoral college is horrible. We all agree about that. Right. I yes, I think it's I think you're saying everyone agrees with that. I don't have any -pinion on this. I'm like Bush. I, but I do think people find it generally offensive because it seems such an impenetrable idea, and that a lot of Americans don't understand it don't understand how the how the votes are apportioned. I think you know, someone worded it. Well, when they said when you cast your vote for president you're actually electing a slate of voters who will then vote for president. That is. I mean, listen, we we are. We are not a, you know, a Theniet direct democracy, right? This is the form of democracy that we've chosen a Representative democracy. But there is something about it where it's the layers people dislike that they dislike that it is not an intuitive system. And the fact that you have all these random people called electors like you could reform that part. I look the other argument for the electoral college is that elections are administered by states. And also the question of who is eligible to vote, for example, some states very aggressively disenfranchise felons. Some do not some. Voting easier or harder. So maybe kind of fix a number of votes that each state is allowed to award is a worthwhile thing to do. You know, I know. But again, if you had like, a proportional electoral college system that would solve a lot of the problems. If you got rid of these weird actual people called electorates..

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