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Positive. Hopefully we are. I assure you we. I've so angry at the media coverage of the pandemic in the lies they've been telling you about florida and texas. We've caught them in more lies. And i'm going to share that with you and we're gonna get into it coming up next but but one more moment of hope here one more upbeat thing to tell you that our country is not totally lost. You know this guy right. I also have a source. That says chris was on the phone with this brother. This week is your source is not is not you gotta have boundaries. You gotta draw a line. He doesn't i think he does actually all right. Brian stelter there. Brian stelter helter skelter. I think the great world calls or brian stelter there. The prepubertal voice of cnn's media analysis. That was stephen kobetski because there by the way an accidental moment of clarity. They're challenging the question of chris cuomo not having any boundaries there and And he continued stelter trying to run interference with chris. Cuomo the marginalized cuomo family there now at cnn. In and listen to this part of it conflicts. But i don't think we opened up the journalism ethics book. There's no paints for this. It's the craziest of circumstances you can imagine as my friend chris. Plante talk. show host out of dc says no page for this in the journalistic ethics books. I believe it's page one. I believe i believe it is if there is a book of journalistic ethics. I'm pretty sure every single page has some mentioned of if you have a direct personal conflict of interest with the story. You need to step away. But that's brian stelter the voice prepubescent as it sounds of journalistic ethics over there at cnn. What what's the upside. What's the good news. What's the positive part of this. There's this you know that the ratings are dying over at cnn. You know that. It's poison anytime. Brian stelter shows up on. Cnn as no one is watching his show well. Apparently it's not exclusive to cnn. The stephen kobe show actually suffered a.

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