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I've gotto say, especially on a Friday the Portland shooting but Felix will let you start Alright from 36. So it says if he felt it was justified. Why didn't he stick around? Give his report to the police on the scene? This is about the man who was shot in Lacy. Why did he run? It would have been safer to stay in Portland with sympathetic Mayor and city attorney. Why did he just walk into the lobby of the police department and give his story? I mean, vice did get to him first before the law enforcement, which is kind of bizarre, I guess. True and Erik 0253 the D escalator? Yeah, right. And in your about your notion about whether someone a father of Children should be doing that kind of stuff he was doing by that logic. Fathers from two of six by that logic, Father shouldn't be coughs or soldiers both being a form of security through enough Andheri Co. Two of six again I feel the kid in Wisconsin Open Pandora's box, and there will be more shootings on both sides. Sad. And scary on then Felix's history corner US from area code 36. So I grew up in Spokane. Have you heard of Hangman Valley and the history about that? That's actually related to the what we were talking about. Earlier. There's still a golf course called Hangman Volley Hangman Valley golf course. And then that is all named after Theat Inns of Colonel George Wright, who hang lots of native Americans without trials. They're around. A place that's the real name is later later Creek, but it's also knows Hangman Creek wonderfully. Any missed if you missed any three or 4 ft putts. Joe and some of her not gonna mention joking, Zhou and some there, Felix, your monument story was interesting but lacked context that is violence existed here long before white settlers arrived. Yeah, it was a different kind of violence, so I would I would argue. Sean Arlington, I got a kick out of the history segment question that Thomas Felix about his emotional responses. When history reveals previously unrealized truth about our current world, it may reflect a bit on that oft heard phrase the truth shall set you free. Which I've heard artfully followed up with. But first it will really he say this on the radio. Yeah, I think so. It will really piss you off. It's hard to discover irrefutable proof that you've been given a false narrative by which to construct your worldview. Wow! And glory in the 707. Perhaps the resident historian Khun Tell us why Labor Day is not celebrated. May 1st in the USA and no singing of the international out. Please do tell Oh, I'm not sure what that is with Labor Day so much nicer in September. I think it gives you a chance to kind of reflect on the summer and have a nice barbecue. Okay? All right about President Trump in the comments he may have made about fallen heroes from the Atlantic Article, two of six says several of my friends posted the Trump story when confronted with evidence, it's likely false, they just said Well, even if not true, he did say other things just as bad like that is relevant. And two of six. Well, actually, Ah, number of Ah, news agencies are confirming some of the things in the Atlantic. But anyway, two or six unnamed people coming out years later just before the elections. Come on. Now, not even you're that dumb, So it's like a September surprise. Also from another to US six. AM I listening to CNN? How about mentioning John Bolton statement, So that guy's just trying to sell books, though I will say I looked it up in Jon Bones statement was that he didn't hear that particular comment, But it sounded possible It would have been in my book Nick for Marcus. Even Fox News has confirmed the Atlantic story. It'll be fun to see Hannity, Tucker and Laura Ingram. Try and dance around this one tonight. And about speaking quietly, Tio prevent the spread of Kobe 206 as spoilers. Krasinski predicted Cove it two of six. Hey, guys. L well, I dropped a £5 bag of Skittles on the ground in the middle of a movie in the theater. It was that the quiet part of the movie to Ella. Well, great date another, Joe Six is what about the people who talk in their sleep? They dead in a quiet, good place? Yeah. And 253 explain why libraries air still closed. Yeah, There's an idea. Yeah, on the eviction, walking on the eviction moratorium, 45 says, Felix, Me and my wife. We're about to buy a second property because one of us had to relocate and made more financial sense to get a second mortgage than it did to rent a place since we could rent out our existing home. May $20 an hour and that was a viable plan with potential rental income. Now I've lost my job. And if I had.

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