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Welcoming back Jamie Kloss after she was missing for eight days. People like crystalline say they were thinking about her every day. I was speechless. I don't I can't even put into words what I was thinking honestly class has been reunited with her family and the barren area school district superintendent will be holding a celebration sometime in the future bear, Wisconsin. Celebrating the safe return home of thirteen year old Jamie Kloss after she was kidnapped and held captive for nearly three months, Barron. Mayor Ron flat and tells WTMJ feelings were hard to describe when he got the news pretty hard to end the word, the emotions that go through you. When you've been praying about the safe return of a thirteen year old girl to your community for eighty eight days flattened says a black cloud. Has been lifted from his town, and they are overjoyed at the safe return of janey to Republicans in the state legislature are again trying to get a Bill passed to make first time. Oh, w is in Wisconsin. A misdemeanor Representative Jim says the change will result in a fine up to five hundred dollars in possibly up to thirty days in jail. But there would be a chance to have it reduced if someone didn't real- found within a five year period after their conviction that conviction work, revert to civil forfeiture. He and Senator Alberta darling. Have tried to pass a similar Bill in the past? But it has faced opposition giving the states drinking culture in Wisconsin OWI case will be heard by the US supreme court regarding when it is legal to draw blood to determine if a person was driving drunk Gerald Mitchell claims a blood draw while he was unconscious in two thousand thirteen that found him under the influence violated his constitutional rights. The Wisconsin supreme court ruled his conviction was valid given that there is a state law. Allowing for such a blood draw and. Has the government shutdown continues, unpaid coastguard families in Biloxi are struggling with things like paying rent and buying groceries. We've already been getting phone calls asking if the USO is going to be able to help Josh Sova is the executive director of USO Wisconsin Sova says if the shutdown goes past Tuesday, coastguard families who live paycheck to paycheck will struggle and proud service members are reluctant to speak up. Not really asking for anything. We try to tell them here. Something to help get you into that next tape to help please get in touch with the USO at USO, Wisconsin dot org. John Mercure WTMJ news, sports, traffic and weather next. WTMJ news time eight oh, two is getting you where you need to go. Traffic and weather.

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