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I am a all that that hasn't been issue a tool, it's it's more. Like, here's a good example on one of the first days that I was on so dated a few people in the last few months one of the first day. So I went on a a girl came up to it was going really well today and go came up to me in the middle of the day and was like being very sweet about the book, and I felt a little bit self conscious. Just because this guy was there who had like this is the first one we meeting, and then she started to say in your book with. It helped me because I too had an eating disorder and and started telling me about that. And if it's a great honor for someone to be sharing their story with you. But I would never have told that man that that something that you learn organically about someone as you get more intimate with them. That's precious information for me, you know, in terms of sharing our own experiences and stories and not wanting to be defined by them too early on. And that's something I probably wouldn't have chatted to him about until a few weeks or months in. So that was just like an OC. That's very that only happened once, but but but I did realize like, but then a part of me was well. That she hasn't. She hasn't done a spoiler. Like that information is in public domain that for him to find. So I think that I just I think I started to feel frustrated with myself because when I was writing when I was writing the book what I was. I just wanted to tell the truth I wanted to speak, truthfully. I wanted to protect myself and protect other people. But I just wanted to write truth. I never until Pated the repercussions that would have when I wanted to get to know people romantically, and and feel like I had things to information to give them does not make sense. No, it makes so much sense. Because that that is an amazing X intimate exchange that you have with people when you get to know them only on, and I've sort of FOX that for myself now I've had to sort of things with being so fake. I don't ever want to write about my. Love life again. And also, I've realized that I have to persuade all men I meet now, I'm no right about or talk about them in podcasts. I'm speaking of weight vague move on in a minute. I've had like a couple of things with people and. Both both men have said both both of them said that they they didn't want to read it. And they they never would. And I my head has happened. How would that work? But actually, you know, you don't know everything about Paul's work life, or you don't know everything about poor when he was a teenager. You know, like, I think we're all allowed to have compartments of ourselves that our partners. Don't get full access to. And like, our mums wouldn't read diaries doesn't mean they don't know us. Exactly. But yeah, that has being strange, and I, but the other good thing is I think is a good way of it's a good culling system for me because with dating men now because I don't wanna waste loads of time with people that the people that role and the one of the first guys I dated. Had the thing with you know, really really liked him. And. I think it was. I think it was my work that that finished it, actually, in fact, owner is because he. Because we're still friends now. And he I think it was like an accumulative feeling that he had that he wasn't getting enough of me that sort that sounds really argon as let me rephrase that he he felt he felt it wasn't enough space for him in my life. Because in this quite intense work place at the moment, which would be forever. And I think I think it went even actually I think he felt like I'd like that that you have like a public south. I totally get that there are there. Some people people, I know and love my girlfriend's. I know that they're people who he would feel. They couldn't be with someone who spoke about that intimate pulse. Life in a public way..

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