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Caught offside with Andrew gumming and JJ Davani. The chain job Lauren. There's excitement in the. Can you feel it? It's an electric magical the happy trains on drag because America is. Second. News bag. Caught off side with the Upper West side of Manhattan, Andrew gulling and JJ Devaney. What's up, brother? Oh, wonderful. What a pitcher on extent to the show. Yeah. You like that America's back? Sure as thanks the south park. That's what that song from case. You weren't. Sure. Tank Jordi Mahovic. Yeah. Among others. Oh, what a fun fun night. It's back. It's back kind of back felt really back, and we're gonna talk all about whether or not it's back the bear halter era underway. We'll get into that. We've got a big big recap JJ of. Yeah. FA cup. Four fourth round was actually good for thrown weekend. Yeah. I know and certain certain TV ratings reflected that which we will discuss as well red card man of the match a little bit of a little small what to watch for because it is a an EP L mid week week pretty important one. Which is why we'll were here on a Monday. And then we'll be here again on a Wednesday because of our commitment to you, the listener. Indeed, also, we have no lives. It's sad. Boy. Should we talk about the US? We should talk about it. Because have you ever seen such look at the notes that I kept for such a whatever game rigorous? Yeah. There are more words. Sorry, there are more characters on Andrews page of notes of analysis from this game than there were human beings in the stadium last night. That is that is sadly close to be true. JJ? There was roughly seven thousand or so I don't I didn't see the exact number. But that's what was being talked about. I think beforehand. Yeah. About seven thousand. Now, the American outlaws congregating together, of course, US soccer did the best to put a a happy face on this in their social media tweeted the behind the goal view, which makes it look like oh my God. What an atmosphere what a win were back. But it was disappointing and Mark Fish kin. Who is a well. He's red bull New York tweeter and a man who does a podcast call seeing red. But he's a good US solid. US soccer man of money. You're standing made the point last night that the non-qualification for the world, call pas Joe's Todd Saatchi, a detrimental effect, and it's part of bear halters ream it to re energize the fan base the casual fan base, and I would agree with that. Even if this was let's be honest. This shouldn't. This shouldn't really get full international caps. It's a well. That's the thing is like you're saying and you're right. I do believe that it's a scrimmage, and it is a scrimmage, and what you say is true. Not qualifying for the World Cup has it has hurt like general interest in this this phase. I think from the casual American soccer fan. They kind of the phase of wake me up when it's time to really do this again. Yeah. You got to tell them when they're and honestly it it's hard for me to blame them for that. And you know, going into these games. Okay. Well, well, at least maybe I'll see Pulitzer. Oh, and he's not gonna play. Oh, we'll Josh sergeants been really exciting for oh, he's not gonna play like, you know, going into this that it's going to be not a b team. This is like see borderline d team for the US hard to get people really excited about going to see that game. Don't forget that the American sports fan base and the American soccer basis. No different anything else. You've got the hard core..

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