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Down. Now. I mean seemed like she she has it in the bag. It'll be interesting to see as she goes on with the voice if she's able to go in different directions shirkers sometimes they get pigeon holed in the one performance. And then that's all you can hear. That's the only. To that. Yeah. And again, for whatever reason the voice does not for whatever reason, the voice also does very well in the ratings, but the people who win don't do anything or very little in American idol odd because they they clearly are talented and have great. Yes. There's been a country star that was on lakes team extent. Okay. Even people from American idol who finished fourth or fifth. Chris daughtry? Yeah. Alive. Let us not forget clay. Second place. David Archer Letta. Pretty well. People in. But I don't understand the voice has huge ratings. And even Wendy Gramm. Who is the the guy that was he was a rock guy, Adam Lambert. Yeah, he actually is the lead singer on tour with Queen. Because of course, Freddie, mercury's out there anybody storing and he does a great job with Queen. Adam Lambert is one of my favorites. They actually bought his CD when it came out. Good voice is so powerful. But yeah. And he didn't win. He was girl from high point. Yeah. She won. We had. Yeah. So I mean, it's like can you name one person from the voice? I can't that one. Now does that the one country? Pope is the only one who's had anything. Has been they've had what ten seasons? I don't get it. It's a great show though. And they have a lot of talented. They're looking for winners. And I can't..

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