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It it it may be at number six right now i've in of time with it but it's it's in the top ten and i've only spend a couple of hours with it so far golf story on switch is awesome it was just announced what like earlier or i guess now it's october like the beginning of september in there you shop nintendo direct and it was like oh this looks like a classic camelot mario golf game oh boy is it i love those mario golf games i thought the mario golf on the three d s while the courses the links or whatever were were fun and all the mechanics of the game or fun it lacked that death of the rpg that it had on the boy advance and golf story of tonnes each shop on the switch has all of that stuff it's totally that rpg golf game with a silly sense of humor with some rock solid you know 16 or yep price sixteen thirty two bit pixel art you know that classic golf mechanic you know and love hit a button to start the power hit it again to stop at the right point and and stop it again in in your little accuracy window and the type of club you're using and where you are on a course if you're in the rough were on the fairway or in sand changes how much grace you have for that accuracy window on your swing to change your clubs put spin on it like all of that traditional let's golf everybody golf mario golf 100 times is is in the game but it's bringing back that fund silly whimsical rpg element that mario golf on the gpa did so well and i'm i dunno i would be further into it to be perfectly honest i was.

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