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And require school bus drivers to have a CDL with the special school bus endorsement I look forward to hearing from our witnesses about ways that we can make our school age children safer as they wait for load and unload and ride a school bus. and with that I want to thank our witnesses for being with us this morning. and I look forward to hearing their testimony and. I yield back to. the chair recognizes. I'm pleased to to recognize the ranking member Mister defies sales asked if he has an opening statement. well I think it became chairman thank you. you know we this our second safety hearing of the year a leading up to re authorization and you know the first hearing we heard testimony about highway fatalities hundred people die and every day in motor vehicle accidents that's life every fifteen minutes thirty seven thousand one hundred and thirty three in two thousand seventeen and we need to look at ways to reduce does the calories obviously we're doing a lot better with the the transportation of our precious kids on their way to and from school on school buses but it's not perfect. we will hear some conflicting testimony today and I and I would hope that members of the panel might depart from there prepared remarks and respond to us someone who goes earlier for instance Mister Benesch from the end and as TA is going to come out quite strongly against any a federal mandate on school buses of four of us seat belts and yet the NTSB is going to talk about what they see as a and have felt for some time a need for a lap and shoulder and and then we're gonna hear from chief Fulton about out of Jersey is doing what others say is not possible because of C. configuration size of children in Latin though that'll be an interesting contrast I think there's much more substantial agreement on you know what finding ways to better identify the bad apples out there of those who have had poor driving records those have had significant health issues and and other things than there I've been states that have moved forward with much more prognostication New Jersey I think is on a daily basis any violations by school bus drivers and so looking at the you know the national CDL registry and other things that the federal government does control you know might provide some benefit in those areas so you know I look forward to the testimony and this will help instructors on whether or not we need to include any new provisions in the service transportation reauthorization which I expect to have done hopefully by early next year with that I yield back the balance of my time. thank you chairman the pharmacy and I know that that the Majority Leader says that it will be a proud infrastructure and maybe this hearing will provide us with more. with it with information that could be included in any new bill I did not use all of my time and I am pleased healed my remaining time. two point five minutes to Mr Cohen who has had an experience that I think is the best way to lead off of this hearing I yield my good friend from Tennessee. two and a half minutes thank you madam chair in twenty sixteen they weren't forced to school bus crashes there were most notable in the country one was in Baltimore and one was in Chattanooga my home state total twelve children were killed in in Chattanooga there were six children killed and twenty injured after those crashes this national transportation safety board issued a series of safety recommendations the highway traffic safety administration and that was great and they issue them for them to the administration of the station from school bus safety one of the recommendations included the station an act laws have all new large school bus three point seat belts other recommendations included safety measures such as inclusion of collision avoidance systems and automatic emergency braking technology. sadly and unfortunately in. unfathomable the national highway transportation safety administration is not initiated the process to enshrine any of these life saving measures in the federal regulation and while I have no idea they shouldn't. he should have acted before this today I introduced HR thirty nine fifty nine the school bus safety act was center for Tammy Duckworth which implement those recommendations to make school buses safer by ensuring that all seat belts that we had every seat and buses are quick to stability control automatic braking system it also includes fire protection standards as your price will buses to be quick of fire suppression systems residential fires a different ability create a grant program to help school districts modify school buses to meet these a few modifications I'm hopeful Congress will work to enact these long overdue measures there's no more precious cargo that our children and our schoolchildren whenever there's an accident I've been trying to do this since I was a state senator I know it's difficult to get beyond the industries but it's something we need to do and school and safety belts will save lives are you back I thank the chairman for a time. I thank the gentleman from Tennessee I ask unanimous consent that chair be authorized to clear recesses during today's hearing without objection so ordered I also ask unanimous consent that members not on the subcommittee movement. to sit with the subcommittee at today's hearings hearing and ask questions I'm going to. introduce the panel of witnesses but before I introduce them ongoing Nielsen Mister Davis to introduce Mister John vanish. thank you madam chair please introduce John Bennis junior the president of the national school transportation association and a resident of the great state of Illinois. John thanks for testifying today and thank you for all of the commendable work you in the other bus operators do in keeping our kids safe the overwhelming number of kids to travel safely back and forth to our schools every day on your school buses ought to also be commended we ought to address the issues in transportation safety regarding school buses and other modes of transportation but let's not ever forget the fact that. that there is an overwhelming amount of students. the overwhelming majority that arrive safely go home safely and do it again the next day until they graduate high school like my kids did this year so no more school buses for me for a while but thanks for your service and thanks for being here today. well thank you Mister Davis I'm sipping a run down the names of the witnesses and then call the first witness please welcome the honorable Andrew J. a clean house chairman of joint standing committee on transportation Maine state legislature who is here on behalf of the national conference of state legislatures. in addition the honorable Brenda Sault.

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