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Ezekiel Chapter Twenty Three Verse Forty Nine And they shall return your. . Lewdness. . Upon you. . And you shall bear the penalty for your sinful idolatry. . And you shall know that I am the Lord God. . So, this , is the last verse in a long chapter. . The depicts God's people as two women. . One Who represents Samaria? ? The capital of the northern Kingdom of Israel among God's people. . And the other who represents Jerusalem the capital of the southern Kingdom of Judah. . God's people there. . And the whole chapter describes how. . God showed his judgment how God showed his judgment on the northern Kingdom of Israel Samaria. . By delivering them over to the Assyrians. . And then how God showed his judgment among the southern kingdom, , his people in Judah specifically that capital Jerusalem by delivering them over to the Babylonians. . and. . Then you get to the very end of the chapter and Gajah says very clearly. . Very plainly after forty eight verses of this depiction of women who have committed adultery who have committed idolatry as God's people. . At the very end God says, , you shall bear the penalty for your central. . Trie. . A. . You shall bear the penalty for your sinful idolatry as you hear that phrase. . I just think this is a simple principle. . I think about going into details a a discipline conversation that heather and I were having our children recently. . And we've had this conversation up million times. . It seems like with different children I when you disobey. . There will be consequences like it is not good to disobey. . Is Good to obey that leads to good things when you disobey that leads to bad things and that's The Clear simple principle that God is saying over and over again in the book of Ezekiel. . And he says it right here you shall bear the penalty for your sinful idolatry idolatry. . Is, , not, good, , , it does not lead to good. . Immorality disobedience is not good at does not lead to good. . This seems so basic yet how often? ? Do. . We need to be reminded of this. . As we are tempted every day to disobey in different ways. . And God says to us in his word by his spirit over and over and over again, , it is good to obey it is not good to disobey. . So in a fresh way today Oh God, , we pray. . Help us. . To choose that which is good. . Today. . Or, , if we're listen this is we're gonna bed and night stowe wake up in the morning remembering that it's good to obey listening this at the very beginning of our day or somewhere else like as always we have time left in this day God, help , us to choose that which is good. . Help us to obey you help us to trust you help us to worship you alone. . God please keep us from idolatry immorality disobedience and all that flows from it. . Today and tomorrow in the next day to choose obedience. . In every second in every moment and every decision every word and everything we do by Your Grace Oh God help us to choose obedience and to experience your goodness. . And God, , even as we pray this. . We we. . Know Our tendency to disobey. . And we are so thankful. . Jesus. . We praise you. . All timidly for bearing the penalty do our sinful idolatry. . <hes> help us never to get over this. . That you Jesus have paid. . The price endured the penalty the judgment that we deserve four, , our sin on the cross. . All Glory be to your name that we don't have to be afraid. . Of the judgment, , we will experience all ultimately in eternity because you have paid that price for us. . All Glory to your name. . So all the more help us to live in obedience today. . Elvis to experience your goodness today as those who've been forgiven of sin free from sins power help us to walk in Worship Review in obedience to you in love for you in all that we do help us to choose obedience life love for you and everything we do today and tomorrow and the next the next day please in every moment we pray in Jesus name in the name of the one who is paid the penalty of sin for us in his name we pray. .

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