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But the whole time they're having this talk, Jacques is holding this kind of silver painted replica of the thing and just sort of spinning it around in his hands and examining it, putting it on the chair next to him. That's funny. And unnecessary replica is involved in my talk that I'll tell you about. Okay, so this is where they start to say, well, again, you know, this could be, we don't know it's alien technology. It could have been our stuff. It could have been their stuff. Who knows? Who knows? All we know is it was inside the UFO, so this is very interesting. And maybe it's not. It's interesting that you think it's interesting. In the interviews, one of the boys, I say boy, obviously he was an old man, like twice my age by that point. But he was talking about how, you know, there were these, I don't like shavings or this kind of material that was coming off of it that was somehow like that's not human. Like, sure, the rest looks human, but there's something about, I can't even describe it well, but there's something attached to the object that felt somehow Supernatural or not human designed, but it's thoroughly human looking. Apparently there was more stuff that they gathered from the site because there was some kind of fiber material that lit up in purple and yellow and they kept it and they used it to decorate their Christmas tree. Um. So that's cool, but that doesn't exist anymore. And there was like another piece of foil that was 5 inches wide and 14 inches long or something like that. And they also use that around the house. But in recollection, they said it was the kind of metal that restores to its original form. So you'd like bend it, and it would go back to its original shape. Which sounds so much of this sounds so much like pieces from the Roswell crash and the Roswell story. That was another thing that was attested at Roswell as metal that goes back to its shape. Anyways, they don't have that anymore either. But just by mentioning that, they feel that they've kind of helped confirm the Roswell case because of that description. Because that's how this works. So I guess because some of that aluminum foil like stuff stuck around, there was a younger girl Sabrina, who was born, I want to say like ten years after this all happened. She remembers playing around with that. And so they interview her Serena Padilla. I think she was Jose's niece. She could give her own testimony of remembering this material that she played around with. And visiting that site and seeing like, oh yeah, it definitely been burned and stuff. So she was kind of like their third witness, even though. Oh, come on. Yeah, she wasn't around for yeah, I guess she original event. Validates that they've been talking about this a long time. Yeah, I think that's the most useful function she can provide. But as Paola tells us here, you can't make this stuff up. You can. Absolutely can. Oh, interesting take. Much effort. Also, I'm not hearing anything in this story about the kids being like, mom, dad, I saw a UFO, like it all sounds like it was kind of. We saw a weird thing and then we went on with our lives and then much later. We came to interpret it. That's always where my mind goes, that if you see things, this truly extraordinary. If you see something say something. Yeah, exactly. I feel like it changes your life. You naturally act differently. And yeah, all of this felt like so Ho hum, you know, oh, the girl who plays with the foil because she doesn't have any toys. This is just part of her life is that she has this alien technology around her house. This is where Paola says, I know Jacques doesn't like me saying things like this, but I think the beings knew that we would write this book. And I thought you would really appreciate one passage I found in the book here that says, this is Jacques valet writing. He says, who are these emissaries from elsewhere? Once we set aside the deceptive mythologies that have accumulated around the problem, silly tales of Martian bases and political delusions about Nazi bases at the South Pole speculation about superior races and the obsession of complicated conspiracies by government insiders, we are left with plain evidence for an unknown intelligence. But it feels like such a direct hit against the bow of Linda Moulton. Yeah, yeah, yeah, a little shade. Yes. Totally. Oh, fun detail, not directly related to the crash, but the entry point for Jacques valet was that a friend Ron Brinkley had invited him to tell him about all of these happenings and the story and what Paolo was up to. In 2017 and he invited him to the owl bar and cafe. Oh my God. In San Antonio, New Mexico. Oh, there are no coincidences. An owl connection of course. Obviously. Of course. Wow. Okay, so here's a question. The boys see the aliens. The boys fall in love with the aliens. The boys for God knows what reason leave. Correct. And come back three days later. But like the alien bodies aren't there, but the government hasn't come to clean up yet. So what happened to them? The government has found this. They've started covering it up and then they're bringing in the trucks. You know, they're trying to get a response formed, but they're not used to this. This is the first crash of its kind. Sure. I guess I'm just wondering, did they clean out the bodies first? See, we don't know. We don't know what happened to those bodies. That's only speculation. And of course, they're happy to speculate what could have happened. Did they get whisked away to an army facility? Did they get rescued by the other aliens? I don't know. Well, so at this point, they had kind of gotten through the main story and now it was time to line up to get books and get them signed. And I wanted to do that. I wanted this book. So I get in line and it was funny because you asked these questions about the aliens. There was a woman behind me in line who was just very upset about the screaming aliens and she felt like the biggest problem with the story that she really wanted answered. And the way she was saying it was like she wanted me to ask it. I'm like, you're right behind me in line. You ask it, but she's like, don't you want to know, why did the boys not help them out? I said, well, they had kind of a cover story for that. They were afraid that they would be harmed. They would be dead if they went inside. And she's like, oh, but if someone screaming like that there in pain, well, certainly on our planet, but I don't know, it might be aliens maybe. And so I'm trying to reason with this lady, but she's just, she doesn't like when I throw out something that is sort of an ex possible explanation or what they might say to her, so I think she got bored with me and I tried to like look at my phone. Yeah, she feels like she's just heard this story of human cruelty that's being spun is just like an interesting tale. She's having that disorienting feeling of like, why is nobody else singing? Yeah, she really wants to get to the bottom of this. Like, all right, well, you'll have to ask Paolo. I've helped speculate as much as I can. So I get to the front of the line finally, and they're selling the book for $20 instead of 24. Oh, heck yeah. Yeah. Wow. All right, so I get a copy and how those pen isn't working. So I give her my American humanist association pen so she signs my book and Jacques is already pre signed a bunch of them, but he's sitting there as well. And I get to take a picture with jacqueville. Lovely. Yeah, which is not with Paula Harris. The very famous polar Harris. I didn't in the back of my mind, I was thinking like this may be my last chance to get.

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