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Best of the Paul W. Smith show. You know, I get a lot of books. Uh and I meet a lot of people. And it's rare that I meet somebody who is really very good at what they do in one area, and then they have this little side thing They do that I had no idea about and that goes for our next guest in an Thomas Did you know? Did you? It seems to me when we talked about this. You were aware of the the photographic talents of Glenn Stevens has as he sent us pictures before. Did I miss it on Social media or what? I think you missed it on Social Media, Paul. He Is a fabulous photographer. I have been watching his work on Facebook and Instagram for a long time now, and I just cannot believe what a beautiful job he does. It's just wonderful it let me be of the many that congratulate you. Glenn Stevens Jr. Who to me? Has been a fine executive director of Mish Auto. You've heard us talk to him in that capacity, a number of times vice president automotive and mobility and that Glenn Stevens Jr. I had no idea you had this talent as well. Good morning, Glenn and congratulations on your new book Coffee table book called Michigan Street. Well, Good morning, Paul. And, yeah, I think it's pretty easy when you have such a beautiful world in a beautiful state around you to kind of capture it, So that's what I try to do, and You know, it's it's kind of a labor of love for me, so I I I've enjoyed it. Well, it is a labor of love, and I'll get into that in just a minute. But, yes, you're right in Michigan. We have some great to Some great scenery, but you have to have a very good I to capture it through the lens as you have, and it's and it's all from an inspiration that you had. From meeting a guy named Manny Dimes. Why don't you tell a little bit of that story? Well, sure, Paul, you know, I think like a lot of people when this tragedy of the pandemic hit, we had an opportunity and I took that opportunity. I'm not going to lie to you. It wasn't easy right out of the gate to grind to a halt with how busy of the lifestyle we live. Right, but I thought to myself, you know, what can I do? You know, how can I use this time and without the pandemic? I wouldn't have met Manny. I wouldn't have had this idea with some friends of mine to make this book and and Manny is battling ALS, and he's become a friend of mine. I met him about a year ago through church. And I said, You know what? I'm going to build this picture book and we're going to. We're going to donate all the proceeds of it. To raise money for a well wheelchair equipped minivan for Manny and his family, and that's what we've been working on. It's a lovely, lovely idea, and it's one of the one of the positives. We don't hear a lot of them, but there are some maybe even many positive stories. That we can draw from all of us having to I know Some people don't like to use the word because it's used a lot but pivot. Pivot to doing something else when we're not allowed to do the job that we love or the job we've been doing and and you certainly Glenn Stevens Jr have done that. With this book, but I I just had no idea that you had such talent. This is this isn't a book you buy because you want to help somebody out and raise money for Manny All that's fabulous. That's That's reason enough, But my point I want to make clearly is Uh, the Michigan Street. Volume one, which means they'll probably be others. This this This is a great coffee table book or even more so a great book to send a friends. Who might ask the question. Why do you live in Michigan? This would be the perfect answer for anyone who would have that kind of question. The beauty of these photographs, the breath of these photographs, just magnificent. Now with the thought in mind that we do want to help Manny and his his machine. Um is there a is that what's the best email address to go to? Would it be? The Manny's machine dot Cheddar up dot com Or would it be Michigan Street? We can do it even easier. Easier. My website which I've repurposed for the book, and for Manny is Michigan ST dot org. And if you go to Michigan ST dot org, you will find a link right away to take you to how to get the book or to make a donation, And we've had both our goals 50,000 or about a third of the way there. It's absolutely incredible, uh, to see the goodness of people that's come out and And you're right. Um, I I think we have a beautiful place and a beautiful state and to be able to put it into a book, and I've actually been shipping this thing all over the country and a couple overseas and and by the way, my parents, Glenn Sr and Betty there my distribution center. They've been packaging the books and shipping them right. That's great. But please tell me, Glenn, I'm not the only person who's known you for years who had no idea you had this kind of talent behind the lens. Well, I mean, I You know, my dad taught me a lot of things. And I think the most important thing in this world is If you keep your eyes open and you look forward and you look around. It's amazing what you see. And yes, I mean, capturing things a certain way. I actually spent all day yesterday on Mac and island. I took the day off. Kind of, you know, you're never on Untethered all the way from the electronic device, But I spent the whole day.

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