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We've heard from Democrats in the media ever since the one person we haven't heard her should say, a person, we haven't heard from is somebody to take the president side, other than me. Offer that to you now on Fox News yesterday. Former congressman, Trey Goudy did his very best to point out the obvious that I've been doing this morning, and that is there is not a prosecutable case against Donald Trump. Cut seventeen. Yeah, couple of evidentiary thresholds may takes probable cause to indict someone or arrest them, but it takes beyond a reasonable doubt to get a conviction and most prosecutors. If you don't have a realistic, likelihood of a successful outcome. You're not gonna try to case so you can have probable cause you could get an indictment. You could get interest war. But you got no chance of winning. I don't know where this falls in the evidently, I think it's above no evidence, but whether or not it's enough to of indicted. Look, I'll listen everywhere of his press conference. I still don't know whether or not he would have died, but for that. Oh, L C opinion, that discrepancy, people are pointing to between what Bill Barr had said, Miller told him Muller said today that, that was the stumbling block walked for him on destruction. I'm still not clear, whether that I don't know this is one of the president's options, and I'm not his lawyer not ever going to be as lawyer. But you know, you can wave any right? You have Dana, you have the right to remain silent, but you can talk to the police, if you want to you have a right to a jury trial, but you can plead guilty if you want to I'll bet the president has the right to say, go ahead and me if you have enough of the supreme court's never said that I can't be indicted, this DOJ. I'm the head of the O J. I run the executive branch. If you have enough to indict me, go ahead and do it. At least you have some clarity, what you're going to have now for the next fourteen months is an impeachment investigation by folks who've already made up their mind. Sixty of them wanted to impeach him before Muller wrote a single syllable of his report, the jury's never gonna convicting, so we're going to be in this state of chaos for the next fourteen months. Because the problem is we don't need to be in that state of chaos. Because as conflicting as Muller was in his statement yesterday, which a lot of that contradicted, what he wrote in the actual report, the one thing that cannot be misunderstood or misconstrued is that he said, we have insufficient evidence. Insufficient evidence to support a conspiracy charge not enough evidence to even charge him. I e indict him and then insufficient evidence to prove that he obstructed Justice. The only thing that makes it confusing is that he reversed it instead insufficient evidence to prove didn't obstruct Justice, no court of law in the history of this country to my knowledge has ever brought a case for her to case, rather, when somebody was just accused of not being able to prove they didn't do something as I said before his plane as it is to say I used myself I use Muller now. Bob Muller might be a murderer. Bob Muller might be a murderer. Now, I don't have any evidence to say that he is. But he hasn't shown any evidence to say that he's not. And since Bob Muller hasn't display giving me any evidence to prove he's not a murderer. If you wanna consider him one, you can do that. Justifiably now. That's insane. Right. That would be highly irresponsible of me if I meant that, and if I wasn't using it as an example, but that's what he's doing to the president. Donald trump. We don't have any evidence of struck to Justice, but we don't have any evidence that he did didn't obstruct Justice, so you can go out and assume that he did. That's not how the system works. Let's go to Winston Salem North Carolina. And that's where we find gray on the Hugh Hewitt Show gray spots, sitting in for Hugh go right ahead. Hey, bob. Thank you, a quick thing. Bob Muller might be a conspiracy guilty of conspiracy after the fact for murder when you consider tenure in Boston as head of that office there and their whole entanglement with Whitey Bulger, but that's a whole different story. That's not why I called to say that. I think Bob Muller is a petulant child what he really wanted was to get an interview with the president, so he could charge him with false statements with except for metaphor. Gates and Cohen. All the people who are in Trump orbit, who were charged with we're all charts, making false statements, and I heard a long form interview with him at flood in Byron York. And Emmett flood said that, that Bob or kept asking for an interview. Review with the president, and, and Emmett flood said, why we give everything he said, Bill free this being, but that will not that will not last you will not get that to prevail in court. And if you recall when Bill Clinton was under investigation by a different law, but especially council nonetheless, they did subpoena the president sitting president, what the peanut in all the subpoena was withdrawn it led to an interview in front of a federal judge, where Bill Clinton lied and was was was held accountable for perjury and lost all like five years and paid us -nificant fine. So they really just wanted to trap him but but, but Trump lawyers did a masterful job, Trump one. This is a complete exoneration. And he looked like a sad. But that it man don't call him Robert anymore either. He's bob. Well, I'll be calling him Bob Muller from the very beginning. You, you, you, you said a mouthful there, and, and the most important word that you said there was trap. That's what was trying to do. It's why he wanted Trump to sit down with them into why thank goodness, the president has attorneys were wise enough to counsel them to not sit down with him because it was going to be a perjury trap. We all know how this works. It's been covered ad nauseam. You get a prosecutor sitting down with a witness who especially defendant, or, you know, somebody who is suspected of committing a crime in this investigation. The defendant does not know what the prosecutor knows. So the prosecutor can very easily ask questions or of the witness that he already knows the answer to the witness does not know if the is even just remembers it incorrectly. It can be construed as perjury. You said something that's not true. Well, not intentional. You ask me about something from, you know, years ago that I do not recall, as well as you do you already have the that's why they call it a perjury trap. And that's why. And that's why jaysekulow and Rudy Giuliani. And his attorneys told him not to sit down on told the president of the United States is speaking live now to reporters on the tarmac. Let's go live to the president..

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