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On this episode of changes big and small we interview a woman who wears cultures and countries like most people wear pants From her earliest gave the horribly fabulous tropical paradise of safe lucia to the warm embrace of the frigid cold of canada. Damian president has lived a life less ordinary that has taken her across the world and back again but has she finished hatching into a beautiful butterfly. Or does she remain metamorphosing her chrysalis. There's only one way to find out. I keeping those buds glued into your ear holes. Let's do this today. Changes big and small is changing it up. It has a guest host. Who is it. it's me. It's roya it's ryan from episode. I don. I need to look it up. What episode was ride in. You know i. I listen to changes big and small every week. But i wasn't a violent. I only listen to my episode or number game. yes over and over again what basis. I don't remember anyway. I've been paid by damian a truckload of money for the ultimate vanity project. Anything also ryan had this great idea that in the hot seat and experience what it's like from the other side and i graciously accepted his offer to be the hoax today. Okay well let's get cracking damian.

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