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In your story about some some other high profile contests that the establishment democrats are a little bit worried about which one of those sure so is probably the most high profile one as a senator dianne feinstein who's an incumbent since nineteen ninety two she's a senator from california up for reelection she's taking a final challenge from a man named kevin de leon who the president per tem of the state's senate running at her from the left for the most part democrats have stamped out senate primaries especially in ten states where they're defending seats that the president trump won in two thousand sixteen to kind of the biggest battleground states for the senate and they don't really have primary challenges there but in the house carolyn maloney who represents manhattan is facing a primary challenge from a thirty four year old lawyer named suraj propel there's a candidate named diana presley who's the first black woman elected to the boston city council challenging incumbent congressman michael capuano and a very democratic district in massachusetts so you're seeing this you know a crop of candidates pop up on the democratic side who look like the future of the party they're younger they're more progressive they are disproportionately women and they are many of them are ethnic minorities so where could we see this intraparty spat play out in the primary elections coming up tomorrow i know the the runoffs in texas probably getting a lot of attention.

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