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It worked very well. I mean the and works very well. Merck's fair our marriages had asked when we have hard projects whether it's clients writing books. Were writing a third book together. It's i gave ted talk but it was our. We were dotted. I gave our ted talk. I just happen to be the one that was on stage in We have a really great working rhythm. I think So how do you frame francis hard problems so there is a hard problem. There's there's a handful of them in science right but the heart problems that you guys are trying to express in your unique way and add to the body of knowledge in your collective fields or your perspective fields. How do you frame up how you engage in heart problems that framing i think has material important because some people are energized than scared and then they look for relief and the product in between because of the relief focus is wanting so much to get a client so so you say we have a cayenne problem with okay. I'm gonna get a translate problem that is worthy of your time and attention Thank you So today i'm going to be the michael whisper in this conversation yet. Good so today. The one that excites us. The most that inclusion for example is an urgent and achievable goal. So all of these organizations that aren't thriving individuals in the organizations aren't all thriving might be demographic tendencies associated with who's thriving that is it is totally knowable. How to close those gaps like we have successfully helped organizations close those gaps in. That's and we love doing that. It's like the the human potential when some people get to thrive and others don't and helping the individuals and the organizations now that often manifests as there's a headline and there's a problem and organization than Might have blown up and looks like a fire. The reason we walk very enthusiastically towards those situations is because that means that they will have a willingness to change. And that's the thing we look for so we look for people with a willingness to get a lot better and that's and we do it In ways that we find noble. And then let's anchor on how your seems simple. But i don't think it necessarily is. How are you defining inclusion from a workplace standpoint. Yeah so a lot of people do you think about deny is a phrase that get used for diversity and inclusion Until you have people that are different from one another and then whether or not they are included so we think about inclusion in a very specific way operations professor so everything has a schematic So inclusion has is a four step progressive process. First one is despite any difference that you and i bring to the table. We feel physically and emotionally safe. Despite any difference we bring to the table. We feel welcome. Because of our unique contributions we feel celebrated and we're celebrating enough nooks and crannies in the organization that we feel of the organization and cherish so the inclusion dial. Go safe welcome celebrated cherish. And here's the beautiful thing. Is that when i am cherished in any aspect of say my work at the harvard business school myabe allegation is still look out for those. That are not yet feeling safe. And welcome and be super proactive. But if there is a moment. When i'm not feeling safe or welcomed say because i'm queer or something like that. It's not my obligation to look out for inclusion. So a lot of people say diversity men inclusion. We would say just the opposite. We've seen so many organizations that were diverse but not inclusive and they got on a diversity treadmill but we've seen almost no organizations that were inclusive and didn't attract incredible diversity so we would define his inclusion i in diversity will magnificently in majestically follow. Okay i want to take a quick break right here to talk about inside tracker since two thousand nine inside trackers science came from harvard tufts. Mit they'd been bringing personalized nutrition and wellness to the world with a powerful evidence based digital platform. What i like about what they're doing is that they are taking good science and making it available. I've been using nutrition. Blood based analysis urine blood fingerprint analysis for a long time. Well before two thousand nine and it was game. Changing the data in the applied nature of the data was game changing for lead athletes but it was really expensive. Would inside trackers done is. They've made it available prices right the applications on point. So they're doing something really nice here..

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