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More Russia warned that U.S. weapons sent to Ukraine are legitimate targets This as President Biden says that Moscow may be ready for a chemical attack Russia would pay a severe price of years chemicals President Biden did not say what that severe price may be But the administration has repeatedly said he won't send U.S. troops to Ukraine On Friday the president severely restricted Russia's ability to trade and took direct aim at Putin allies WTF news time now 1118 Traffic and weather together on the ace to Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center Thanks so much We're looking at some of the work zones that are up there tonight surprisingly enough even with the conditions tonight they are going to be blocking off a few areas here for example the inner loop of the beltway If you're riding in the express lanes that ramp that takes you towards the westbound side of 66 completely close tonight So if you're planning on getting from the belt light onto 66 west go ahead and stay in your standard lanes there I'm not seeing any delays right now so you don't really need to be in the express lanes to begin with Now if you're headed westbound on 66 between route 7 the beltway and just before nutley street you will have a single right wing available to you Otherwise 66 is running very nicely Now as you mentioned just a few moments ago the black ice is definitely something that we got to consider tonight Remember the high winds as well very problematic there especially if you have a larger vehicle remember they've got wind restrictions in effect across the bay bridge as well as the nice bridge Larger vehicles will not be allowed across but that doesn't mean that smaller vehicles can't be affected by high winds even if you have a sedan You can very easily be moved over by the high winds Remember to stagger yourself as you're making your way on the highway there That way just in case you get pushed out of your lane you won't be mump into anybody Northbound three 95 looking okay across the 14th street bridge no issues on the southeast Southwest freeway third street tunnel running nicely as well If you've been hurt in a car accident or a victim of medical malpractice led Greenberg and betterment help you contact Greenberg and betterment today GB lawyers dot com feel better Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic And now the storm team four meteorologist Samara Theodore Plus three conditions We still have a wind advisory in effect Our winds could gust upwards of 35 mph tonight and please be careful for any areas of blowing snow Now overnight temperatures.

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