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Others at ease. This is a news story for this is a lecture. Why is it my responsibility to put something? It is when I went and got a vaccine? John and Ken, I don't want to inhale my own carbon dioxide all day. Weekdays to the hell is wrong with you on K. F I baby wall something I'm not listening when you say. And we're back. Everybody bill handle here on a Thursday morning. I mean, huge news Coming down. Illegal fireworks exploded in south l A. I mean, tons and tons of it wiped out a bomb truck Containment truck. Steve Gregory is joining us. Of course. We're going to talk about Bill Cosby Sex assault conviction being overturned. Uh and people can always a technicality. It was not And I have a fundamental question to ask which I'll do later on as 7 30. Also one of his, um uh, not defenses, but mitigation issues is that he's legally blind. But he's coming out and rejoining the sharpshooter team. Uh, that his house. Listen, he's back. Let's do more handle on the news with Jennifer Wayne and me. Britney Spears, Dad wants an investigation into his daughter's allegations about her conservatorship. Now, James Spears has been in charge of Britney's personal and professional life for years, And he says, though, over the last two years he's only had control over his daughter's professional. So her money, her her jobs or things like that, not her personal life. But remember, she made all those allegations in court. About forced medical treatment and therapy. She was talking about being forced to keep in her I U D for birth control, improper medical care limitations on her personal rights, and now he says he wants an investigation into those allegations. Your mics off. Couple questions I have. I have not heard of any allegations of him with financial wrongdoing, ripping off the estate. I haven't heard that No and for the last two years He's also shared, uh, the decision making financially with a state, uh, state management firm who would never allow personal missed, uh, personal shenanigans with money. And, uh, How do you keep someone for someone to wear an I U D. She. I know. How do you do that? You follow them in the bathroom in bed so it can't be removed. I feel and I think Britney even made this admission where she said. Maybe I've just been. I'm paraphrasing here but ignorant to what's going on, Maybe things that were told to me I didn't realize I had a right to change or that I could fight against or whatever. So she says, his wife syndrome, Maybe. Maybe maybe that's what she's kind of cleaning. And and it could be. I don't I mean she's been Under control. If you will, you know from adults since she was a kid, I mean, which is Mickey Mouse Club up until two years ago. Controlled everything, including your money. Your dad now saying, it's listen. All I talk about is our money and the accusations that she made an open court are so out there. He he wants an immediate investigation. That he she couldn't marry anybody she couldn't have. I think I mean his side, not necessarily the controlling part of it, but demanding an investigation as to what she said. James Franco is going to pay over $2 million to settle a class action lawsuit against his acting school. Now the women suing are basically their claim is the entire thing was a sham. For the purpose of keeping a steady supply of young women coming in for James Franco to dalli around with and maybe even a little worse, so he's going to pay the money. You have the two named plaintiffs that will get a lot of it. And then there's a class. Of plaintiffs that Are going to have to share a relatively small chunk of money that will get split up amongst however many there are you know you wonder about the sexual. Uh, you know, miss misdeeds, James Franco, as if he can't get enough women. He just walks through the bar and have the women throw themselves at him anyway. Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger having that love child with the housekeeper? Holy moly. Give me a break. I mean, really, Hugh Grant, uh, with destiny, the less than attractive hooker that he picked up on Sunset Boulevard. Hugh Grant what he can't get laid. He has to go and hire a hooker. So you just wonder what's going on? Because decision because these are these are things I mean, look, first of all James Franco. Situation is very different than Hugh Grant situation. They're not the same. But in general, there are first of all there are men who don't want it. Unless they believe they're taking it. Against the wishes of the woman, so you can have a guy who could have All the willing women he wants. That's not what he wants. He wants to be taking it, and we don't know if that's the case. Look, Hugh Grant, come on. He decided he wanted a hooker, which I find I find that fascinating. I don't feel even worse. He gave $100 and ask for change. Mhm. I don't think anyone is in a position. I guess it depends on who you're talking about. If you're talking about sexual assault, things like that Those are crimes. Those are despicable. And I guess, technically Hugh Grant soliciting hooker. That's a crime. But please, But, yeah, I mean, you know, start you afraid to be alone in a room with you, Grant? Because you knew that years ago, he got a hooker one time. People. People have people have things Arnold sexually. Arnold Schwarze body has things sexual. I don't let's be careful. Don't conflate. I don't Some of those things I'm telling you again might be weird or icky or laughable to you but aren't really harming. Let's not conflate those with the real. Problems. I am very proud of the fact that I couldn't get laid in a Tijuana prison with a handful of pardons. Let's leave it at that. Okay, we'll take a break. Jennifer, you want to take it from here? God, yes, and unexpected explosion involving illegal fireworks is injured. At least 17 people in south L. A £5000 of explosives were found at a home near 27th.

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