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Was wrong. What we solve the problem. Babylonian? Races Lettuce not actually go. Like a red pen. Woods. Capital off your forehead I. Know that Sudan? We know what we're up against. Already know we up against, but maybe they can take you. The races all this input your somewhere where? There's your your releasing your own race. And no sounds crazy but I want the races officer to be identified. I want them to emit, but don't let them lose their job. Let them continue to work. Just put him somewhere where they don't have to deal with racist segregation. It's a weird former segregation. We admit that your racist. Babylonian police officer. Then! We take your somewhere else where you will love. More battling old news and you good. Continuous. South crazy, but I'm just saying. George Klay Case. All four of the EX officers involved in the killing of George Floyd. Now face charges in his death, Derek Shulman who press Disney into his neck, was charged with a more serious count of second degree murder. which has intent shows intent but not. Premeditation. Three officers, the three other officers at the scene during his killing have now been charged with aiding and abetting second degree murder and aiding and abetting second degree manslaughter. The Floyd family called the new charges of bittersweet development, meanwhile a ninety nine You know more protests followed in for the nine thousand nine so We're going to be following this case as well, but again you know we came to this. You know having all of this happen. Just for them to come to this to arrest three officers as Right exactly. The first day. None of this would've happened. Right I don't think it this fine into both the charges up to second degree murder I think is valid charge because. You know the the the seven nine whatever seconds he had his. Knee on his neck. That constitutes that. He wanted to kill him. It's not I don't think it's first degree murder because I don't think all up in the morning so I'm going to kill his guy, right? It's going to be hard to prove I think this might stick, but on top of the thing that I'm secure about this charge is it still falls back to the third degree? Murder charges well, so they packaged it all together. So, if it doesn't people ells on a second degree, they should hopefully get them on third degree and the. Ones with the accessory to cry. Yes, full charges put them in jail for twenty years, and this could send a message to the country, not to the racist the. This case is the basically send a message. To Babylonia police officer that's races. This would be a deterrent for you, sir or Miss. Hopefully that you will go to jail. I don't want ever want to see the crime like this. Ever committed again. But that's what this is about a One of the factors is the determinate for the racist Babylonian Show. Have you morning show of Sydney, ball. Is.

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