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Bash. W T o P. News. We're following new troubling details about the security failure at the Capitol riots were learning that the Capitol police circulated an internal Intelligence report three days before the riot happened. The report warned that there could be an attack on Congress son who was the Capitol police chief until resigning in the wake of the security failures and the siege. He got this Intel report and he's declined to discuss the details of it with me, but I know from other sources. That he got this report on the third, and that's what made him go to the sergeant at arms in the Senate and the House, his bosses and say, Look, guys, I think I need emergency activation of the National Guard. They turned him down and said that they didn't like the idea of that. They didn't like the optics of the military looming over the capital. They didn't think their leadership their bosses, the Speaker Pelosi or Mitch McConnell, the Senate leader would agree. So they said, No, That's Washington Post reporter Carol Lin Egg who broke this story, she says the intelligence report warned that targets of pro Trump supporters would likely not be counter protesters. But rather Congress itself. Man who dominated Maryland politics for decades has passed away 78 year old Thomas Mike Miller, given the title of Maryland state senator emeritus, passed away peacefully at his home Friday afternoon, according to a statement released by his family. Miller, who retired just weeks before the latest General Assembly session, got under way, served 33 years a Senate president and had been in the Maryland Legislature representing Prince George's County and Southern Maryland for nearly 50 years weeks ago. In an announcement from his home, Miller said, he's hard in mind. We're still strong, but his body had grown weak from cancer. That he was no longer up to the job. Kate Ryan.

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