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So you decide to do a piece on this very first I game game. One of the nineteen seventy nine world series the professional American slow pitch softball naturally. What happens when you go to our archives and you ask for it if you were to go to this vast reliquary repository in you asked for the first event that ever took place on? Espn you you would be met with disappointment because it was simply not in the library the SPN ESPN would save everything now. Now literally anything that's taking place on. TV anywhere in the world in sports they roll on and they save in this library. But if you wanted to find that game the game that started it all all. They didn't have it. It had been lost to the ages through the sands of time and it was particularly a disappointment and a source comparison for the man who's run the library for decades. Who is that can boudreau? I'm Ken Boudreau. I'm one of eight employees. That are left here that started in nineteen seventy nine. Currently I am senior. Director and production operations can do drove the emperor. The Grand Poobah Bob of the video tape library man who knows where all the tapes are buried where every show is archived. Probably the only person in the world who can and find almost instantaneously. Whatever you need in that library? Ken Hated to admit because he considered almost a personal personal failing that the tape wasn't in library and we had no record of. We have no idea where they are. I don't know I was not working at tape. Library technician running master control. Well that's convenient so you go to the library can grow tells you you. We don't have it. What are you guys do next? It's kind of a two pronged process because we want to tell the story of the game itself what it was who was playing in it what the stakes were and at the same time. The story of its place in history at ESPN and it's absence from the library. Obrero so we go in pursuit of this very important inconsequential story and that means pursuing suing all leads even if they seem that they might lead nowhere following the money. The really wasn't any money. But you know what I mean and going to Milwaukee Walkie which is where this game took place in which was the home of one of the two teams playing this game. The Milwaukee Schlitz obviously who were playing Kentucky Bourbons who were from Louisville. So we went to Milwaukee. We found his many players as we could manager of the team. And the owner of the team. Perhaps most crucially. So you tracked down the owner of the Milwaukee Schlitz softball team. A man named John Cornick. What clues did he have about the missing tapes shapes Simon Baumgart our producer? He calls John Cornick to set up an interview with him. He still living in Milwaukee. He's no longer longer in the softball team ownership business. But he's still out there and he has a lot of memorabilia. We want to interview him. In almost as an aside Solomon mentions. We don't have these tapes and Cornick says lie got him. And it's it's one of those Eureka moments mints. I mean it's not like finding an original copy of the declaration of independence or something like that but for our purposes and at that time it felt like we had struck video gold. And why did he have them in the first place cornick had these tapes because in nineteen seventy nine is. The holiday season rolled around round. He wanted to give his players a keepsake from this world series. I called up. ESPN and I told him that I wanted the ESPN tapes. Tapes one is this. This was probably a month after the after the world series. They did send I made tapes but they charged me seven hundred fifty dollars he calls ESPN. He says I'm the owner of the Milwaukee Schlitz I one copies of all the games the world series and whoever's in the video tape library said okay we'll dubbed these off for you And it's seven hundred and fifty bucks. I've we've had a special safes on the base where keep him locked up. I don't want anybody touch it. No no they're in a closet. Forty thirty years forty years. These tapes have been sitting and John cornyn basements unwashed unloved on archived this this precious gem that had been ignored.

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