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The joker ugh if you watch the movie get on your computer type up pogo the clown John Wayne Gacy and you'll definitely see a distinct comparison between Gacy space paid and Joaquin Phoenix Phoenix AZ face paid as the joker fascinated now we'll get into a cold casting again a little bit later this is something that you you're always on the watch for a cold casting if I'm not mistaken again haven't I have not seen the joker but there is a kind of a cameo by Robert De Niro in the film and de Niro it kind of harkens back to his his role as Rupert pumpkin in the king of comedy work he plays a kind of a failed stand up comic what's going on there all right absolutely this is where you caught spying case thing I corner court case thing some people maybe it's really more it's not type casting because that's his case in the same got to play the same report over and over again what what I call call casings were you place an actor in in a movie to conjure resurrected your sub conscious minded earlier performance that is directly related to the movie that they're now appearing in and deniro's you're you're absolutely right the nearest appearance in joker is designed to resurrected your sub conscious mind to previous Martin scorcese movies one you just named which is the king of comedy which mirrors joker where you have this sort of loner loser character played by de Niro pumpkin a pumpkin living what is it in the basement of his mother how mother's house he's he thinks he's stayed up comedian he's a fascination with night late night talk show host comedic mountain yeah Biden I type talk show host I destroyed by Jerry Lewis in the original king of comedy and it is what you have going wanted joker where are you Arthur Fleck character played by Phoenix he lives with his mother is as loner downtrodden character and is fascinated and and and has this sort of our natural fascination with this character played by Robert De Niro Mindy Marie Frank it was the host of a of a Johnny Carson type hope will host of the late night talk show so that's assigned to resurrect the king of comedy any other one of course is taxi driver where I mean you just have this incredible bloom the loner figure you know descending into madness I mean you'll see obscene if you watch taxi driver with the Nero where he's in his apartment he puts the gun you make makes the hand the gun gesture with his hand he puts into his head that repealing the courage and joker you know he's the kind of dances around the the apartment in your does Indian taxi driver would be gone Joaquin Phoenix or deflect is the same thing in joker so deniro's appearance in the film is designed to resurrect taxi driver and king of comedy Robert Robert hold on well let's take a time out come back we'll talk about a Swedish film called mid summer taking isn't the break the guess who and share the land right here on coast to coast AM this is do you and you've got all kinds of us all like get the job done hustle and get the kids out the door hustle if you've got hustle university of.

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