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I mentioned the lady bird Johnson Wildflower centers having their big native plant sale next week big deal. Great opportunity and Saturday for you to get out there and pick up some things in you normally never find in garden center. Tough native well adapted plant. I just wanted to spend a moment you heard us talk about this last week with lissi upping house center. This really cool family fun thing to do out at the center exhibition. If you want to call exhibit. It's like, it's just a cool thing. It's called fort Landy a- and for all of those out there who had secret hideouts when they were kids forts in the woods forts in the backyard's forts behind the sofa in the league room. This will bring out the kid in you. And this is up right now, they have these super cool designed for. You name it. You can see on the web on wildfire dot org. But it it looks like so much fun. So if you wanna bring out the kitchen yourself and the kids to have a great time going out and exploring kind of running around in nature and just giving them a real thrill. Check it out online at Wildflower dot org. Look under events for fort land. I think you will think it's Uber. Cool. Just like Portland. Anyway, but whatever your garden questions we're going to get those going here..

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