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Him i him time there's a lot of new orleans saints fans who are very upset with him well you know what i i love his attitude and that's more important than a stupid game sorry guys mr digs score the game winning sixty one yard touchdown and sent the deliriously happy minnesota vikings fans here esely hill oh my god what a gene it's funny alley we had a guys golfing trip and we combine golf with watching some football we have little football pool go has guys we can and uh so some of the fellows down after a long afternoon watching football and playing golf in the morning we had a the pool was basically decided the guy who had the the saints want one is money wanted to gather some who gave him a minor it was in the car he missed the play plan run out davids step on the gas get him give the money back in the other guy money this is the play as it was called back in minneapolis on the on the fan the not our fame but their van k fan this is k f a n no fired a whiteside caught by tax eight are you not committee step god is now saints bets on sixty one yard minneapolis berrocal what will remake your your your your at all i got to say fine gael down in the mud believable play it's going to be addressed way bringing a proper way oh my habits mark is blamed going to see that play the rest of his career the first time i heard that man funny that prague bringing in that brought by writing a minneapolis miracle ego i would say there were a little bit excited care i would say that too well find about her is if they win this coming sunday will be the first team to ever play the super bowl in their home the now and serene that would be the first one hurts diamond move witnesses fifty two years 53 there is to grow fifty two as pretty amazing and now if you're one of the few people who care that haven't seen it they have it on youtube and somebody posted their clip using the theme from the titanic is a background you see a new owners.

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