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You are VA Richmond. TV are HD two. From ABC news. I'm Todd at a picture of a man in black face standing next to another wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood has surfaced on Virginia. Governor Ralph northbound's medical school yearbook page despite governor north apologizing for what he says we're hurtful races images in his nineteen Eighty-four school yearbook. He says his behavior is not in keeping with who. He is today in the values that he fought for through his career in the military medicine in public service. Another picture now revealed from his military academy yearbook with the nickname that contains a racial slur. Philo Democrats and Republicans now calling for him to resign ABC's. Andy Field in Washington tough talk on border security expected when President Trump delivers his state of the union address Tuesday. ABC's Terry Moran reports President Trump now signaling that he is ready to take more drastic actions to get his wall as he slams the house speaker Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed of herself. Trump boasts he's already building tremendous amounts of the wall the building et with funds at on hand. Where to go shedding, very tough prices. But that's not true. No new sections of border wall had been built during Trump's presidency. Some older sections have been renovated to build the rest. The president claims he can use emergency powers to redirect funds. But that move would certainly be challenged in court. Democrats insist they support border security, just not the wall Cubans. Shaken by something that appeared to come from above the sky Friday afternoon. That startling noise from a possible. Meteor frightening people across the Cuban countryside following what sounded like an explosion. The national weather service saying they also were receiving reports that a meteor was seen in the sky across the Florida Keys before it made impact near the western tip of Cuba. ABC's Victor oquendo reporting the market's winning streak extended to a third straight day. The Dow gained sixty four points, the SMP rose two points. You're listening to ABC news. Rick,.

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