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And learn more at UMG C EDU, certified to operate by chev WTO P at four 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s back to Dave dildine in the WTO traffic center. In greenbelt, Maryland on the Baltimore Washington Parkway northbound at the beltway for the third time this afternoon, a new crash callers describing this one in the same spot northbound near the ramps of the beltway and blocking the right side, staying left awaiting a first response, or is it a third response? Northbound on the VW Parkway. On the beltway, outer loop, better across the Wilson bridge, still slow getting there. But delay is an oxen hill of ease, the crash branch avenue long gone, southbound route three, beyond the four 50 intersection slow and single file left past a work zone. Two 70 northbound slowest through khrushchev, normal volume delays on the interloop, coming around through Bethesda into Silver Spring. In Virginia, on three 95 and 95 southbound slow stretches of traffic near the Arlington Alexandria. And newington and woodbridge exits, but nothing in the way southbound between Washington. And Fredericksburg, in the district, outbound suitland park way before Stanton road, one broken down in the right lane, D.C. two 95, southbound east capitol street. The crash should be on the shoulder now, northbound, north capital street, still slow toward the signal work at New Hampshire, avenue. I'm David WTO traffic. All right, let's talk about this weather. We hope you're enjoying it because tomorrow won't be quite so lovely. Here is Mike Steiner. It's been a beautiful afternoon, but we've got some big changes on the

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