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Seven percent on lifetime income accounts how about that no down side marker risk a bonus and a guaranteed growth on lifetime income accounts of up to seven percent give me call eight four four three five one safe that's eight four four three five one seven two three three and we'll show you how it all works all right over the years what we've learned is that having green money provides an enormous benefit a tremendous sense of comfort and relief for the person making the decision we think about it the worry it goes away me just think if if you have read money losses and and you get upset probably that money should not have been in red money right so this makes you can easy decide that mean ask yourself this question if I were to loose some most or all of my money would I be upset and if the answer is yes then that money should be in the green money account now maybe your ask yourself well what green money options are there other than cash and you know checking or savings account maybe a bank CD. well that's where I get to help you call me at eight four four three five one safe and ask specifically for our free money retirement income kit and we'll show you some exciting options I mean you're gonna learn about green money options that in fact one has an upside market potential not exposed to risks that comes with up front bonuses of up to fifteen percent and now here's one for you how about a minimum guaranteed income account growth up seven percent for twenty years call eight four four three five one seven two three three right now and also while you're there talking ask for our free save money retirement income book all this information is free and it comes with absolutely no obligations you don't I strongly believe that we face some very difficult market times here in the future when you think about war politics today the national debt tremendous volatility globally in the markets the incredible amount of corruption that we're seeing divulge now with some of these leaks of papers and events all over the world globally global economies are links now and and for many of us there's a lot more to worry about then when we were kids and.

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