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Even though a few hours ago we installed and started with our manny machado moratorium hoping we wouldn't get any more colds about with manny machado and i think it's safe to say that right now and for the next eighteen days we can and will say that the new york yankees have a better chance of getting manny paquito manny moda manny san fran manny fernandez manny alexander manny trio manny power and getting out of retirement manny ramirez then getting manny machado not going to happen and not the before but not between now and july thirty one that's for sure unless the yankees want to get him to pitch roderick is calling from the bronx rick here on the fan of new york city what's going on what are you doing well we're doing oh i don't know i'm doing i'll let you know good i'm calling you remember i spoke about stanton i'm judea day that they should kind of approaches well not really but it doesn't matter but what i to call is above the mingo herman pitcher yes i think he has is that he himself mentally you know he's before the game is and so four but he has to have a bit of visualisation and say okay when i get into the game the first inning this is what i'm gonna do i'm gonna take the bull here i mean there's mine it should be successful then when he gets here that's what people do another sports especially basketball you going to the room and you make believe it's going well let me say this about demane go her mom he looked more like domingo's herman and they're not getting the job done i don't think and i think rodriguez safe to say.

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