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Because again it is free ryan kaufman again joined by head coach steve treats you as we take a sidebar from his team we'll get back into it to close out the show but big week for soccer as the world cup begins in russia on thursday russia will take on saudi arabia and then the full slate starts on a friday highlighted by spain and portugal the team that i know that steve is most pulling for in the word so i i'm curious for for you former us international us is not in it your soccer guy or code i'm curious how much of the world cup will you watch over the next month because what i like to do actually as i evaluate or analyze the games a little bit see if there's any new any new things coming around any tactics or whatever or any new shapes that that teams are playing especially some of these some of these other the the lesser teams that don't that really doesn't have a chance at all you know just to see how they're playing against maybe some of the top teams and so but no i'll try and watch as much as i can and i'm excited for it it's a great time every four years i love it do you have a rooting interest in this particular world cup always look at germany can't pass them but it's you know it's interesting because i have been watching some of the the lead up games they struggled against saudi arabia the other day but you know they didn't they didn't necessarily play the top guys they were all over them i mean you look at france but they struggled against the us a little bit i think my dark horse is going to be belgium other than that i just i don't see anybody outside of your top five talking about the world cup was switched back head coach steve treat you.

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