United Airlines, Reverend C. T. Vivian, Federal Administration discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Group of governors urging the White House to not change current Corona virus reporting protocol. The bipartisan National Governors Association is urging the Trump administration to delay that changes the hospital reporting requirements, which were announced on Monday for 30 days. Governor Larry Hogan, the chair of the N G, a writing in a statement, thes sudden changes by the Federal Administration impose undue burdens on our state health departments and hospital systems, which are already working at full capacity. The administration has stated that they plan to utilise this data to better allocate supplies. And drugs to all 50 states in Washington. John Decker Fox News, a major airline makes a deal that could keep some pilots from losing their jobs. United Airlines and its pilot's union have a deal to limit involuntary furloughs. Airlines are dealing with a dramatic plunge in demand because of the Corona virus. They're two different packages. Pilots age 62 or older being offered an early retirement deal. There's another program that will allow pilots to leave voluntarily or reduce their hours while keeping their health benefits and staying current on their training. Airlines air hesitant to layoff pilots during a downturn because it's expensive to retrain them when they return to work, United is sending out notices of potential furloughs to 36,000 employees in the US That includes more than 2200 pilots. GeneCo's Silda Fox knew and early and key adviser to Reverend Martin Luther King Jr has died. The Reverend C. T. Vivian organized pivotal campaigns during the civil rights movement and spent decades advocating for justice and equality. In the 19 forties, he began staging sit ins in Peoria, Illinois. He met King in 1955 after the Montgomery bus boycott and help organize the freedom rise. It eventually forced federal.

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