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With Rams hall of Famer Jackie Slater, dick, Hilton, Chris, Madison and Vicky more. So jackie. Let's get right to it. Why did the Rams need Dante Fowler? The third player selected in the NFL draft projected to be one of the most dominating. And. As I pass rushers with league. We'll see over the next decade or so and. Hurt. His knee is I. A year old that. And he's a dynamic towel and believable physical specimen that can really make plays in. Just out. Why did he get him because they knew they needed some is cashless? The rams. Addressing jazzy. Oakland. Audible homo will football pick was hurt in the Sichuan Trayvon actually tried to go and get. Fortunately, some young guys gonna pay. The knicks. Glowing. Scene. Need to get this golfing? Major team. Jackie Chris Manson here as much as we celebrate the arrival of Dante Fowler. I gotta believe there is a fraternity among you offensive linemen because this move does come at the expense of a very serviceable offensive linemen and James Brown who gets waived to make room on the roster. Well,.

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