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Taking the truth. Means love, though. Martha Burton is the dog's longtime caretaker. Yes, good girl. Lulu will have all the treats and toys she could ever want. Jim Krystle is CBS news. More news in 30 minutes. I'm Paul Miles. News radio 8 40. Wh A. Yes, Those are always great stories. People can leave millions of dollars to their dogs, and it's a head scratcher for lots of other people. We have a dog story coming up in an hour or so. It's a different premise, but Like the premise, as long as the dog has money managers. That's the important component. That story is anyone looking out for the dog's money, or is it really just a chance? For someone else who can get their hands in it. Some Shady somebody rather to really just clawed all the way. I don't know. I did see this couple of notes here as long as we're talking about death and money, Larry King Hello. I'm Larry King. Totally in Ohio. Go ahead, Larry, where he can you help me? Larry King was a pioneer in terms of late night TV and radio, I think was radio first. Oh, yeah. In Miami from the Jackie Gleason. Studios, whatever that means. He was on a boat for a while. When the early parts of his career I know he was arrested for Money for long. I don't know, hanging out with bad people, Bad apples and some sort of, I don't know. Anyway, he's he survived that, and then he continued his broadcast career. And then, of course, he went on to have the great success. It's CNN where he just interviewed everybody. I mean, presidents of the United States, leaders of foreign countries, all the biggest celebrities, all the biggest newsmakers, something happens somewhere. To a person and they suddenly shot to superstardom. Larry King when often get them first. I was like, how does that even happen? Because Larry admitted over and over again that he didn't prepare for interviews because he just wanted to be a regular guy. He's just a Larry from Brooklyn, and he just wanted to be a regular guy. So he said. He just thought that his cover of his interviews would be like conversations on the living room councils like okay, we really have to do a little bit of research, you know, walking of land mines any of us in this business who ask people questions. You have to do a little background check just to make sure you don't walk into some trap. That was your sister. My sister's dead. Oh, God, my mother when I know Hey, Larry King had a long, incredible career. And he died a few months ago. Months ago, whenever was wasn't that long ago? And now they're talking about what money he left behind. It's about $2 million. It looks like he had about two mil piled up. Which is great at a lot of people say, Well, is that all because you know he had, I don't know. You just don't know what somebody's deals are in terms of what they do, how they get paid. A lot of people in our business get paid an ego. That's true news anchors. I have a friend who works in the upper minutes. It who who knows a guy in a in the number one market. That's New York City. Who kept reducing and anchors pay, and he would tell his friends laughingly at cocktail parties. My ultimate goal is to get this well known anchor who's Beyond his prime. My ultimate goals again will work for minimum wage. Each time I go in there and cut his pay, he says, Okay, because he doesn't want to give up the the ego stroke of being on. Don't know, W B C R New York or whatever. That's just how that Isse so I don't know what kind of a deal Larry King head and how I know he had a lot of divorces. And whether that impacted his finances. You never know, because you don't know what people do They sign papers. They do this or that or whatever, anyway. He apparently had a hand written will And he left his wife. Nothing. Now they were in the process of not liking each other, apparently, but he left her nothing. It was like, dude, she what is she 70 or 60 or whatever she is, he was 80 some, so I think she was like 25 years younger. Let's just say she's 60. What's he gonna do now? He didn't leave her anything. I mean, what's wrong with you? Come on, come on Main. He left money for his three surviving Children think he had Five kids. On. He's got three or maybe four kids left, and he just said, divided evenly among my kids. That's just interesting. And it's just made the news here in the last 24 hours, and it has found a rather interesting but it also reminded me of Paulina Poor Porizkova. Who was a famous model in the eighties and nineties, and she married Ric Ocasek of the cars and he died in 2019. And they were they were still living together. But we're not getting along some and he cut her. He quietly cut her out of his will, too. And it's like Wow. Do what You want to leave here and punch somebody in the face? That's your last move when you leave. So anyway, Uh, actually, I was reading a story about this a day or two ago about the guy from the cars. And, uh, I don't know what happened to those two, but she made millions of dollars as a model. However, she said, she invested it all in the marriage, and so it evaporated there. And then he cut her out of the will. And left money to Riko Castaic. I'm talking about Left money to several of his kids, but not all of them again. It's like Wow, dude. I'm leaving. When I die. My went my last thought to be that I punched you in the face. It's like, OK, well, that's kind of a dark hearted thing to do. That's all I tell you. But for those of you wondering Paulina Porizkova, who's on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She's a famous model. She was the face for Estee Lauder. She made a lot of money. Over the years. She is now doing some little personal finance segments with the the investment company. You b s. Here's a little bit of Paulina. Now online. My big mistake. On this. The thing I really want to share with other women out there is that I thought that love and money did not mix. Yeah, I was stuck in that Cinderella fantasy. But I was more like not that I'm going to find a wealthy man to take care of me. More like you Meet you fall in love. And then poof. Everything is great. Like there was no ever there was no like nobody told me what happened after Cinderella moved into the castle. Nobody said Oh, And if the prince gets really ward with Cinderella, What does she do that she get to take a chair from the palace and bring it back to her own Jack. So that's the kind of advice she's giving online..

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