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I can't remember the name of it but it uh does a similar thing it's a um it's as it's a smart ring i also have a year buds now that i got from job or the job or elite sport the that are just you know they're likely earlier but headphones but they can measure your heart rate they can measure blood oxygen they can it because they're in your ears you can hear you know you're listening music but they also say you're not working hard enough your heart rate is not high enough or slow down your heart rates to i this is this is where technology becomes very interesting as computing moves from these centralized computers the they beginning smaller and smaller and now moves into other devices i think it becomes very interesting when we're in this brave new world so i've i've josh i will ah i will contact sabrina thank you for the suggestion leila port the tech or calls red after this do you think uh a new generously my kids learn to touch type but i mean if even if you don't take taiping classes which many kids do uh if you're going to write papers in school you're gonna learn how to type you might be twofingered items studied typing but i've actually learnt had a type because he just add to and that was before computers that was just on it could typewriter and uh i think every generation the all young coming up is going to be doing that so there's this there's a lot of inertia.

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