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I thought it was five star yeah. No she fucking law. It's not bait. Verse is done which was five star. I'd i not going to argue with. I disagree four three quarters. Who cares here's this on the other hand was a massive was forty minutes and it was really long and it was forty minutes walter really beating the shit out which is great. I mean that's a big better supposedly guys i but it just felt like at a certain point. You're like holy shit. They're still going like it was forty. Minutes tyler is getting the shit beat out and i think they could have shaved fifteen minutes here and there but i thought it was a good batch. I'm not saying it was bad. I just people were you know five. I stars no. That's triple tax mashed. Oh look last mortgage has been whatever in the u. k. mark andrews. We know that guy can go. I love flash gordon west gimmick though like we like this crowd was so hot for those two and and there was so many perilous spots thought they were going to take the pin fall when gallus stepped in or i mean they were just so many fantastic spices match and then the crowd got what they wanted and i just thought this match was unbelievably. Good crystal veterans look really good. The grizzly young veterans like truth be told lay. There are a lot of people just sleeping on them. These guys are amazing yeah because i don't like the characters but damn they can go yeah when they opened them up in reagan's like yo oh these two are really good together like they one of those red tide which is kind of weird to me but in terms like the quality of the the match <hes> there was like a we had to slingshot canadian destroyers this weekend we had one that <hes> phoenix us on a think matt jackson underneath the ladder and the ladder badge one in this match when <hes> the grizzlies young who was it. I can't remember who did it was it i think so i just don't flash websites like they they went for like a some kind of slingshot into cutter and it turned to a fucking canadian destroyer and i was like this and it was just this was just a really good man was on every second of it ought to crowds so dope in the u._k. And i get the argument that gal maybe shouldn't even been a mess but i think they put a little element of oh. They're just going to sneak and get the win 'cause like gals. I was like out like half the match that you just disappear in the comeback. They're like there was a spot where everybody was down. They just rose up from outside the ring. I was cool like aol p like there. There was a triple threat at annex t bag debt. <hes> had to be like revival versus summer versus a._a._r._p. And oh it was revival l._p. And inch mighty new oh okay and l._p. Did nothing but the whole time but it is that little bit of a brute factor actor to it so that was my that was my match of the weekend. I still think the bucks in a in.

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