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More often than not Jen found people would trust the explanation of charismatic woman. And yes, white woman more than her black children, friends and neighbors noticed how robotic in thin her kids were, but in the end they trust to Jen more than their own is she also new political correctness would be a shield against unwanted scrutiny. She knew the power of strong narrative on social media. She knew how much people mostly white people wanted to believe images of racial reconciliation, whether it was fawning over. Devante hugging that cop or liking Facebook images of their rainbow family. When I see the gen was good. She was good. One of my early role models for what like non traditional family, look light. Everyone was very envious of them because of how they could pull this off how they can raise these six quote, unquote, developmentally delayed children. There's no part of me and all of my looking magnets capable of seeing that it was just assuring reassume peeper who are our views. Most inner pine it lies, but also in their public lives, and we know this now non to be true. No. Doesn't look like they were normal. Kids didn't really have friends. They were small. So we thought they had been kindergarten. The kids are skinny well. We just not they're eating organic food. When I realized that she was like, there's no way in hell. Those kids are learning. It's impossible with the amount of time. She was devoting to us to our game. That was an issue for her, and you know, being gay. I guess so I just thought, you know, I don't want her to think that I'm being judgmental. I just want to be a good neighbor tunnel. Like most people don't want to get involved. I feel guilty for not realizing that the us were red flag was like God. I totally bought into absolute ethnic races playing apart base. Kids are being used the prop these white lady seaman and safety six black children. Nice work you save. You know, that was the narrative which just. Parents do operate this way in a local did where symbols of racial harmony, and our kids or are evidence of that. As we love kids so much. Heartbreaking the fact that that would be utilized of the way to math some of the abuse neglect. It was happening if it's just deficit urban, and too many people bought in Jenin Sarah Hart got away with what they did. Because there were green lights where there should have been red ones. They weren't criminal masterminds. They just weren't stopped. Kids. Broken hearts is a production of I heart radio and glamour. If you suspect to child is being abused. Call one eight hundred four a child that's one eight hundred numeral four A C H I L D or visit child help dot org to find out how to report your concerns. For access to exclusive photos and videos and documents about the case, visit glamour dot com slash broken hearts have questions for us about this podcast reaches on Twitter at glamour MAG or at broken hearts pot. If you like what you heard leave us a review broken hearts is a joint production between glamour and how stuff works with new episodes dropping every Tuesday broken hearts is co hosted and co written by Justin Harman and Elizabeth Egan and edited by Wendy uncle Lawrence. Miley is our field. Reporter Samantha berry is Glamour's editor in chief. Julie Chen and Deanna buckman head up the business side of this partnership. Joyce Pendle, Pat singer and Luke Zeleski our research team Jason Hoke is executive producer on behalf of how stuff works along with producers, Julian Weller, Ben key, brick and Josh state special. Thanks, jen. Lance. For more podcasts from iheartradio. Visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows on the next Ron burgundy podcast. This is actually exciting. You got Mr Peter Dingle. He's Chang's impersonal poetry actually, a lot of people actually find poetry interesting. The sound machine away series thrown of games game of thrones Ron in any surprises. We can expect from Tylenol Lancaster, curious minister. Iheart radio is number one for podcasts. And it's easy to see. Why? Thank the Ron burgundy podcast on the iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcasts.

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