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Brent Seabrook was on the podcast a couple of days ago and he, he mentioned that one game there waiting for Quinn Ville the come in because apparently he's a big horse bet guy. And I don't know if it was a playoff game, but they're waiting for coming because you know, coaches come and same time all the time. Guys. We're trying to prepare get ready and he was late coming out of the coaches room and all of a sudden there was chaos in there, and then he liked came out and he, you know, he spit out his pre-game talk, and you could tell he was flustered and all the other guys are looking at the video guy like what the fuck is going on there had, apparently he won a super Tri factor with with a very cheap music. Fifty cents a dollar, but he ended up winning a substantial amount of money. Yeah, super. I think that's where you got to pick for the top four top four. But yeah, you just on a whole new level. We riding on the bus after we land and he look, I sit right behind him and he'll be playing like a little horse video game on his phone. You know. Film moment catch him and he'll get best and tell me to beat it, but always got TV g which is a horse channel in the locker room scene Jay's around if you walk in, you see them warming up and talking about horses and all that. So he's, he's definitely trying to do a dynamic warm-up and you're watching the horses around racetrack your say in the morning, you just had a back to back channel arm up and you gotta watch his horses, rip route attract the what? How the coach last year bed better? Yeah, Mary out higher sit. I've already fucked up one name. I, I mean, big big year for him. You know, he's young coach to, I actually played against him when they wanted to call their Cup when he was in Lake Erie. He seems like he just lets the guys play, you know, very calm and never really seen loses. Cool. Yeah, he's, I would consider him a players, coach door, open, kind of policy, respectful guy. I think it was a tough situation two years ago being a first year coach. I mean, nobody would really know how to handle a situation like that, but this area was great. I think all the guys love playing for him. I think they had at will you guys had the worst start if the first half the season in the cap era? Yeah, there before and just like I mean to go from that to what you guys are this years, some relief to one hundred percent. I think maybe he would be able to coach a little bit more loose just like the guys would be able to play a little loose when things are going better. So yeah, that's my experience. I don't really. I loved him. He was great with us guys. Like, obviously it's tough come into the league and they don't expect you got kinda. Figure out the defensive side of things that gets tough. And yeah, he was great for us. You always kind of brought us in and helped us through things. So he's awesome. What was the talk coming into last year? Was there something in training camp? He kind of just sat everyone down like, listen, last year was a fucking gong show. We need to elect the as a group it was there that kind of talk or was it just, you know, everyone came in and it was a clean slate? Well, we had no expectations, like, I mean, nobody outside is going to be like all the avalanche are going to get this era the avalanche. You're going to make the playoffs. Nobody was saying that..

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