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One your final accused in leads that American League division series, two games to non Kevin to with you. This is baseball tonight or Red Sox leading the Yankees one game tonight with more on David price. Go to the shell Pennzoil performance I'm back to Fenway park. TBS analysts Ron darling what a World Series title with the Mets in nineteen Eighty-six. He joins us in Ron. You heard David price doesn't really have an answer for his struggles as a starter in the postseason what should his approach beater night? Well, I think whenever you have a problem the best way to get rid of the problem. Is you have a problem? Right. And you walk a life. Right. So I think that's a good positive sign for David. You know, he's admitted that his postseason numbers or are not close that the kind of pitcher. He is. But you know, the great thing about the postseason is they can really race. A lot of bad things that have happened with one supreme effort, and you know, he has pitched a fantastic this season. He's pits while down the stretch. But the Yankees have really been his sour point. I was just punching the stats up and trying to figure out what he's done in the last twenty six innings against the New York Yankees. He's given up thirteen home runs. So he's gotta keep the ballpark of the ball in the ballpark. That's easier said than done because this Yankee team hit more home runs than any team in the history of the game. But that would be a start. He just got to keep them in the ballpark. You did say something earlier admitting have it, and he does seem to at least being relaxed. He doesn't appear to be as combatant combative as he has in years past. Now the Red Sox bullpen Ron louver Loney? Former Red Sox treated this during the game yesterday. This is what it looks like when you're scared. To give it up watching the relievers being afraid almost throw strikes. How is that dynamic of as a pitcher when you're trying to be too fine? Or you're trying to make the perfect pitch. What's that line that you have to walk? Yeah. I don't think you can walk that line. I think it's the opposite. If you decide to try to walk that line, you're gonna end up. It's going to be a disaster. I think what you have to do is two things in the postseason one. Is that you can't change everything that you did during the regular season in anyone that's on any of these rosters had a fantastic fantastic season. So that's why they're on the roster. But second, you know, the lowest heart rate wins in the postseason and that's easier said than done. Each person is different. You can't just with a blanket. Tell everyone how to act but for anyone who plays or pitches in the postseason you've got to find that place. Because if you don't find that place, and you think that pitching around good hitters is going to get you through an inning. It just will not happen. It'll be a disaster. So they've got to find something to to figure it out or or core might have to do what the the Astros didn't. He was the bench coach last year. And that is used a lot of their starters coming out of the bullpen to help. They did that with Rick Porsche shallow yesterday. She touched on today could be a potential Nathan all the throw day if you will. And I say throwing in air quotes, maybe they get fifteen pitches at a Kim Ron darling world champion at the eighty six Mets. Join just got the call tonight with Brian Anderson on TBS on the other side for the New York Yankees. They're they are playing in this win Iran, Masahiro Tanaka gets to start what are the Yanks Tanaka tonight? Well, I think they need. Tanaka. The big game. Go deep in the game. I think the thing about Tanaka is that when he's on because of his ability to paint his pitches. He's a real artist out there when everything is working right like price. He's gotta keep the ball in the ballpark gave up twenty five home runs this season. That's a big number considering the innings. He threw. But boy, I never doubt him. I always think that he's gonna come through in a big spot last year. He was their best starter in the postseason. If you look at the numbers, I just think that, you know, six innings, I really wanna when you look at the Yankees last night. Even though they lost the game. They had a lot of positives. Short at a lot of traffic on the basis. They put themselves on the spot to score runs. They didn't come up with the big hit. They made close and their bullpen was impeccable. After had a faulty start. So they take a lot of good things out of the game that they lost. If Tanaka can go out there and give them a I think moving down the stretch. If the Yankees got a quality start out of the starter. They'll win all the games they play against the Red Sox. If they don't then it's a crapshoot, but I expect that kind of quality start from Tanaka tonight. Ryan great stuff. Enjoy the series. Enjoy the call. I appreciate your time. Thank you. Thank you very much Bye-bye. Ron darling champion with the Mets in nineteen Eighty-six. Ryan Anderson have the call on TBS television coming up next John chummy. Jessica Mendoza had the call here. Already ESPN radio battle Joe frost. Baseball tonight, presented by vivid seats game. Number two. Pitch of the American League.

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