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Upgrade your job post that indeed dot com slash credit terms and condemn Shouldn't supply tapping on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Dana has news 93.1 kfbk. Partly cloudy and cool tonight with a shower in the area this evening with a low 42 44 tomorrow some clouds father by sunshine of the high 57 61. Mackie Brothers, Gregory Patrick News in a 3.1 kfbk. It's 46 in Sacramento, 46 Carmichael and 43 an Eldorado Hills. Let's get your business and money news and we've got our kid became money with Guy Kelly Brothers and certified financial planner. How quickly is media changing? I mean, right in front of our eyes. Do you know this week was the final week where there were any papers run out of the Sacramento Bee Printing presses there on S street. I mean, that goes back to the 19 fifties. They've been printing papers there now moves to some Bay Area Consolidated facility but change and of course, the headquarters will be changed into something else. Will probably become housing or something else At the same time today, you've got NBC Sports Network Shutting down as of the end of this year, more consolidation in the world of cable all the sports fried tell by NBC Sports Network Will now move to the USA Network, which is courses. Uh, they're owned by the same parent company. But Changing landscape. I'm sure pushed forward by Cove it in many different ways. Market overall today overall, slightly lower, but still pretty much positive Week Dow Down 1 79 and 9 30,096. NASDAQ Up 12 and 13. 5 43, the S and P down 11 points or one third of 1% Gold Down 16 and 18 51 Announced. 10 Year bond Yield 1.8% Right Our thanks to Kelly, It's 4 23 now and kfbk holding a better Sacramento kfbk afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil's Ready to take the kids somewhere fun on a Sunday your day fairy tale town is open again. You're wonderful.

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