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Us this in britain whether a thirty day wbz the weather is as follows sixty three degrees well and it's 330 i wonder who gets it what we get to sixty and fifty nine today is a sixty eight hear filter it's so good that if it smell something it goes at a higher rate and there's a light the changes colour and lately it has been doing that and i think it's a high pollen counts sixty three degrees here deputies you know in this area and having trouble getting this whether i might have to skip it yeah i'm not gonna just but there it is so today sixty eight tonight low fifty nine wednesday tropical rainstorms ten in the morning otherwise mostly cloudy thursday sun giving way to clouds warmer shower or two around eighty for a high and you know and dumb on it's 47 and in arlington it's 47 is that true arlington comey you tell me as legit look it's a thermometer arlington belmont what do you get chelsea says fifty nine nearly fifty one this is interesting weather.

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