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In line tom told burden john line on knbr these sports leader anything like they don't look bad off na the only the bank of my look bad to intern right like stories aca i hear 'cause i had heard a story to that that they didn't sign it the maybe the bangor didn't sign it the browns actually work competent the late then all the thing that i guess made it late was that the bangor wales turned it in but didn't sign it i mean in both by the way both those organizations are bad organizations paul brown i mean for ever they've been incompetent so it's not like you've got one good and one bad they're both bad but like you said it was watch mccarron of darren he's routed by me at there's nothing you can say again you you can relate to it so so you could say that the kid like no we really wanted your in years nothing you could say the kaiser and insist eve nothing you can save your fans it you're gonna get a two to three in cleveland you're gonna give a two and three in great cosell told us lease fizz klay he's not a great like if anybody who's criticising the forty nine ers at it you said that yesterday lease cropland is a 60second pig he's got all right arm when he's played these look good i mean you can you can make a case they were getting obey two and cleveland right now would seem where the niners are basically the same pick and three for guy in mccarron wedding was like a fourth our fifthrounder yeah he was even that well thought of coming out correct so now that's what it bagels are like oh my god of course you can have him i too would high three sir yeah i read were they signed something sent it to the bank goals in the bangladesh was supposed to sign it and send it in they didn't it's the only one that was only signed by one correct yeah i also read that somebody said anonymously said b bs themes all we send in their own stuff because they always make sure that it's going to get signed that sad zanik sense so the then i read worthy analytics department for the browns hated the deal so they sabotaged it like they didn't want it set in.

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