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Well, Even some Laker fans were walking around the Serena moments ago, fully decked out in Laker clothing and jerseys and more all the Suns fans welcome to the playoffs. Not gonna last long. If we miss you guys from 2010 when we knocked you guys out way missed you guys. Since then, I'm sure the sun's hope that they eat their words. Tip off, Is it? Seven more previews coming up along the way? Live at Phoenix. Sensory. Anna, Peter. Same or Katie? Our news. Thank you, Peter. Now, 501 as the excitement continues to build We got new crashes out there. Here's detoured and in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center. We don't like crashes. But we definitely don't like them when they're on the freeways. One of them just came in on the north bound to O to stop Mt. Three webs. Just taking a look at it. H O V and number one left lanes blocked. Stay right to get by. North Found Tuo to stop on freeway Just approaching the I 10 stadia writers you coming into the interchange? Stuff out. 17 at 19th Avenue got erect, blocking the number one left lane South out one on one team. A freeway wreck near me. Come ups. This one's off to the right south one A one hour for you. We've got wrecked, approaching McDowell off right? And another one on the 11 hour free, westbound near 67th Avenue that wreck off right as well to East Valley Surface Street crashes as well. Hells worth an architect and Gilbert at Brown. 51st Avenue and Belle knew wreck this traffic report brought to you by your valley Chevy dealers. This may find the perfect Chevy to take you anywhere. America's fastest growing full line brand visit Freeway Chevrolet in chamber today for great offers on the perfect Chevy for you Deter Nan Kay Charity is we have some clouds out there and a high pollution advisory looking for the height of only being 99 degrees today without was gonna be 100, but looks like we're not going quite make it yet 73 overnight 99 again Tomorrow and 101 on Thursday. Say..

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