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Clyde, Clyde Barrow, Jon Butcher discussed on Last Podcast on the Left


I think to denote slang, but prisons not slang now and erupt I don't believe this land is named Kate. That's not slang. That's just someone's name could be slang for, like, oh, like a Bank slip. Hey, could be like slang for something like the name of the gun. A lot of this is slang like sensational break. Squawk sportsman rap joint mall but discovered is not slang. No interesting. Okay. Not that bad, though. Like you said it definitely better than be much better. And it is quote unquote discovered. If you just happen upon your wife and up a man, you've hired to make love to your wife. You're watching like through the closet door. I can't believe this happened. I'll just stay here. I guess here's the thing about Bonnie's jailhouse poetry, even though she knew all the criminal lingo. It's not like Bonnie's goal in life was to actually be a criminal on. She just wanted to be somebody and crime just happened to be the door. She walked through to get there. Awhile, Bonnie was writing all this, CLYDE barrow was about to take the first big step into what would make the barrow gang famous for the first time, a man was about to die as a direct result of the barrow gangs actions. So now although a lot of the gang was in jail, CLYDE still had to eat. So he never stopped being a criminal and CLYDE, new another criminal named butcher whose parents owned a jewelry in general store. So, in April nineteen thirty two CLYDE, and the remaining members of the gang Ted Rogers, and Johnny, Russell figured, John. Butcher store was going to be easy, Pickens. In fact, CLYDE scouted the place himself what didn't know though is that Jon butcher. Wife recognized him didn't say anything because it was obvious that CLYDE was case in the joint, y'all got any money. Yeah. Why was he this is not the first time he's been discovered casing spot? Right. No, no. Why? What's honestly do? What was he doing? Honestly. There is a part of this. It's about celebrity, and creating a name, CLYDE barrow wanted the recognition, he wanted people to know or he was in Bank robber. But this is at a time period, would the two of them believe that being famous and mattering quote unquote to be like, Bonnie to society was more important than anything else. They're trying to elevate themselves so CLYDE barrow he'd get fucking dressed up to the nines to go case this store, and in full goes also, he's better dressed than everybody else. You already stands out now wearing a hip suit and a fucking nice hat in the middle of the poorest fucking place in the world. And so he wanted eyeballs on him. That's interesting. I mean that idea the idea that you can buy freedom with celebrity is still exists in this country today. It's completely true were they literally thinking, like if we get super famous of this shit, we're just gonna skate because people are going to like us so much. Well, we won't get charged. Now, it wasn't that the idea of celebrity as we know it today, didn't really exist back then they knew the whole time like, oh, we're gonna die. That's, that's just it. They did not have any allusions whatsoever, about skatin-, or getting off on a light sentence over this, again, and again throughout the series is that they wanted. They were like we're gonna die together. We're going to die doing this. That's how criminals and we also twenty one so you have a different concept of, like we're going to do this to the death, where now as a thirty five year old I, I will cling to this life, and I will not go gently into good night out. It's a trying to shut off the machines. When it came time to rob the store, CLYDE was the getaway driver. So, CLYDE, wasn't actually, even in the store when all this half win. Ted and Johnny stuck up the place though. The robbery was going about as smooth as it could until butcher opened up the safe right next to the jewelry was a gun. And as soon as butcher went for it Roger's opened fire and killed them. Yeah. So the to grab the loot took off out the door admits, the screams, butcher's wife and hopped in the car, CLYDE took off when they account for the loot later, they found that Jon butcher had died for about fifteen hundred bucks. Oh my goodness. But in this story of body, and CLYDE, people would die for less amount of money, much looting the entire gang. I'm so this is the beginning of it's actually more like fucked up tragedy. Because this is the this story is one of the first many contested of we don't really know what happened minute by minute. And they know that the there was a gun in the safe and butcher, and Rodgers were there. Together NATO new shot. I they don't know what happened, but that guy was just fucking dead. There's a lot of people that again, there's many ways like the highway men, which I recently tried to watch recently to which tries to show CLYDE, and tried to show, Bonnie and CLYDE, as psychopaths were just more of just being like it's just when you strap on the life, all of the baggage that comes with it comes with the two, you want to live a life of murder, and mayhem, it's gonna fuck and show up for you. Honestly, the highway men, great supergroup. And if you go into critics free silver stallion man. Break. So were they just freaking out where they just like or did this person? Was it calculated the murder or just like, oh my God. We'd better reactionary. The murders were never calculating. The murders were always reactionary. That was the end of the lake. Dallas, gang thing was though, Ted Rogers, didn't get the rap for it since CLYDE, a case, the store earlier. They knew that CLYDE was involved, but police didn't have any clue who Ted Rogers was, but Ted Rogers looked eerily, like, Raymond Hamilton who, if you'll remember at fucked off to Michigan months before after the barrow gangs, only real successful robbery up to that point, as far as the third guy went the cops just went down the list on clydes known associates and blamed Frank clause. The second story man from the first episode, the CLYDE really hadn't hung out with since he met bunny, everybody. That was connected to CLYDE barrow. He's like a fucking virus kind of where. Everybody got touched is in it just spreads. Because these people were doing casual crime, and they thought that in the end, if you are just robbery, little grocery stores, does sound innocent, and you're getting a little pockets here. And then, but, like, when we cover serial murderer, it's it has the same sort of escalation, obviously, you're not going to be satisfied with the amount of money. You're getting in the amount of risk. You're putting yourself under an order to just get dirty dollars at a go. So as the crimes get more severe sodas the fucking earner Shah of that chaos that causes more and more bullshit. Yeah. And it's not. I mean when we sit earlier, like you know, they hadn't hurt anybody yet, like they hadn't physically hurt. Anybody yet? I mean, they're still I mean having a gun pointed at you and have you store robbed is not any fun. And then, of course, CLYDE would say, look, old, thanks, big ankles, rose. He was not. He was not me. You was really, it's really sad. He goes, I wouldn't book that guy with. FDR's. Wife's you remember that. I remember that joke that he gave those ridiculously mean. So a warrant was put out for the arrests of CLYDE barrow, Frank clause, and Raymond Hamilton for the murder of Jon butcher, even though Frank had been in Dallas, Raymond had been in Michigan, and CLYDE had been in the car, and this marked the beginning of CLYDE barrows reputation as a killer. So usually bounty, hunters, only got rewards of twenty five to fifty bucks for murder Sut for murder suspects. But CLYDE, had just been paroled by the governor a few months before in this murder may the governor look really fucking bad. So for the murder of Jon butcher, the governor placed a bounty of two hundred and fifty dollars on Clyde's head ten times the normal amount man beat it, bounty hunter. Sounds like it's fun. I wanted to be one for a while. And then I realized that I'm like, not a cop dog the bounty hunter. He is. So small, you could actually use like your right. No. Any now. Now, that's what I'll do you should. Yeah. And when you're a bounty hunter most of it is repossessing cars, but that's cool to on fire. With the ironic thing about this is that now that CLYDE was a suspected murderer the cubs actually came around the barrow house, less sly, see before it wasn't too much skin off, cops asked waste both his and clydes time by bringing CLYDE in on suspicion of theft because it made look like the cop was doing actual work instead of just fucking with someone's life. But now that CLYDE was capable of pulling a trigger out suddenly too much for the police to handle, they need more manpower. They need more effort. And so they just said, Yep. Because you, you can't just go and fuck it knock on the door and go, like push around and check his pockets anymore because I think he's gonna show up but he's gonna fuck it pop. You right. You guys know I love Wendy. And if you have a dog, you know, you want what's best for the dog are you don't want to go to the store. I always I go to the nice pet food. Honestly, I ended up making her, like, like if I make an estate, I buy her little steak and I cook it for. But when you when you open up the dog food, you find it leaves little dried out brow nuggets grouse, right? You know that dry Kibble is supposedly supposedly before carrots, but it can somehow sit Michelle for months or even years. Somebody's lying because it got me thinking why do accept this as food, let alone as healthy food for pups? We can't eat highly processed preservative heavy food for every meal of our lives and remain healthy. So why should dogs, but.

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