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Have our fines against us even though muscle. Harold the pr guy. He's going to be watching shot. Unlike dude we just talking tomorrow. It's like you but this is a problem and said this is not a hobby bias thing. Yesterday this has been building with this. I agree clubhouse has and nobody said anything about the manager not alderson. Not the true for like francisco door was on this early about. We want on our side cheering for us but necessary. It sucks when the to this extreme and when you said what he said. I'm not to sit here sitting here in the morning by the way you pick number sixteen for the giveaway guy on twitter. Great point not only did you not big number seven. You pick number. Sixteen joe montana's number great job. Sal powell funds should be happy with that Like i know boomer has sat here and killed lindores for that take like just perform and they will love you. Don't be so worried about them. Cheering or boeing play. Well and greg because fans wanna love you the more. They boo a at all. The fan wants us to love that guy. He is the guy for the met fans. And then say oh. We don't wanna fans boo. That sucks somebody. Should've whether it be the manager or whether it be somebody should've went to him at that point. Say look. I understand your frustration. Do not pick a battle with the fans and then it got to a point where they started the rat and raccoon stuff. It just started to steamroll to where we got to now the dumb but again i thought we were through this last week in l. a. when linder basically said i get it. I've been terrible offensively now right back to it before he came back from the i l. A. he talked on the field and exactly what he said he said. You can't come after my defense in my base running but offensively yeah. I'm right at the time. That i still don't like you don't come at. You can't say anything about my defense base running dude like nobody cares about that. It's about the problems you're hitting two hundred the key this year i mean while he's right about that while nobody enjoys being booed. It doesn't make anyone feel good. The idea of taking on the fan base is a battle. You're never going to shoot somebody you could see. This coming is my somebody within the organization of said. Don't do this very well. The way that anybody in the organization thought hobby buyers was gonna come out and say boo you along the way the one time he actually gets on base. I mean think about it. These guys don't even get on base to poke their thumbs down. That's why nobody knew about it for a week. What is that. By the way we've noticed you guys actually got on base a couple of time. So what is that with the thumbs down thing. We didn't notice it because you haven't gotten on so now i see you guys. It's so but what is that. can you explain it. We don't want to do the fans. i think. There is a camera on harold. What is he doing okay. I'm sure we're no longer be doing the math. You remember the story where he explained. Who matt deutsches the former producer here years ago at the fan and he put on somebody. I think he had so who called in. They said they were jeff. Wilpon building building a roller coaster wasn't obviously wasn't and georgetown. Don't you just like a high strong. Oh yeah oh yeah. I'm sorry i'm sorry youth. Come to my house instead of the night. I do buddha fans. How do you remember the song. Okay oh roller coaster own gain. It sounds nice. What else are you going to build a stanch. this was with summers. Yeah so steve. Jeff call the hotline. Doesn't want pons deutsche. I thought it checked out. You know whatever house and put them on and he goes ten minutes or so. You remember when gio is so producing. Middays he and evans teamed up and got joe about new yankee stadium. Yeah right and you can sit next to hologram of joe dimaggio. We often yeah. We had that That interview so more. But i think that tape is burn long-term. Took that with him on his way. It had to be two thousand five something like that in that area. Because i just started out so anyway around but yeah that was funny. Never forget the conrad you come to my husband standpoint. Tough one because shurmur off. Yeah all right so anyway By says the mets made this deal obviously Perhaps envisioning a long term partnership with francisco. Endure up the middle. He is an impending free agent. And it's not looking great right now. I like i say i would love to play we francisco together but you know we'll see what happened. Go season one thing. That comes up often and this to me is is problematic as well what these two they never say with the team. It's i wanna play with friends. I want them roy. I wanna be a met. Yeah i i like my teammates. It always seems to be just one and one a. That's a problem. Them both gone unfolds on that one. Yeah i know more years then more before you know it you ten years. A-rod sign that that deal like. Oh my god we're going to watch forever now that's come and gone years and years. How louis being tenures jer Fifty seven. I'm going to be fifty two and ten years home. God mike can't handle. I can't handle francisco when door through the rest of my forties fifties. That's gotta watson doors taking you into your fifties men no right. We heard from louise ross. Earlier this morning he didn't know what the thumbs down celebration was all about until yesterday. Apparently he took a much more. Diplomatic approach to the whole situation understands the frustration of the fans. They have the right to react over. They want you know and and we we gotta understand. You know where they're coming from. We got our job is to be ready. Every they To give them the best baseball at the same time you did offer some support for by is the first time. He's out of another uniform right. So you seem probably some of these things. And he's time here and Probably that's why he's sharing he's bending but you know it's a learning experience wasn't door no doors doing the thumbs down to after the double whatever inning was the ninety ninth inning double sword second extra doing and if it gives them motivation actually get on base and do something. You shouldn't set it whatever it's just stupid the whole. I'm sure you can't stand the fans but no one comes out and says it like these guys. Well of course they care they don't care about the fans don't and they have no respect for the fans and the fans of the soccer's because they're the ones go out there and pay the money. They pay to go to the ballpark with the ticket. And they pay for the food they pay for the shirts they pay for the hats and jerseys and that's it i mean they to do and goes right into the fans the fans paying francisco going door to make three hundred forty bucks. It's simple as that. What is joey.

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